In Russia

Values should be sanded now and become stronger, but not released. Russia, in turn, not willing to pay attention to this weakness, considering today its most important asset – thinking, unnecessary and obsolete their artifact. Here are just defining views, behavior, behavior, and ways out of, and relationships everything else is thinking yavyaetsya. Only the nature and content of thought give a person leverage to simulate reality. And only the nature and content of thought of all the people can change the fate of state. In Russia, the general thinking is eliminated. Thinking of each individual focuses on only one – to survive and snatch. Everyone is focused solely on himself.

And it's not such times come. We have such steel. There is no point blaming the authorities. In it are the same people, looped on the same – to snatch and survive. They are merely a reflection of the quality of the soul of his people, formed by thought. It does not matter whether it is an ordinary mechanic or first lady of soul can be seen as essentially social thinking. So no one from the plumber to the first lady, there is simply no soul. If the public to the point of thinking to add specific features of thinking man, get a comprehensive picture of levers work will not make. A recent example: The behavior of DA Medvedev in Poland in response to questions concerning Polish journalist tragic events in Poland: "It was Stalin. We are for it's take no responsibility.