CEO Change

Likewise, greatly expands the value gained by the company throughout the process. Ena stages Ela comportamientoa Coaching process following steps summarize the development of a coaching process: A 1) Involve leaders: not only the client must be clear on desired behaviors, it is necessary to make it clear (again according to its directors) and key stakeholders what is expected to change. There are two main reasons put forward by the people to deny the validity of information obtained in the assessment of 360 points qualifiers wrong or bad. By having our clients and their managers agree on the a comportamientosa you want to change them and in whose progress the main person involved this aa help to secure commitment and will enhance the benefits of proceso.a 2) informacion.a Collect Call speak personally with the parties concerned. Those coaches, their managers, peers and the company are making an investment in their development, it is impossible to get a good result ena evaluation of behavior change if there is total clarity prior ena acuerdoa and behavior to be changed.

a But at lower levels of the organization are more price sensitive, information obtained through the 360 can be sufficient, but in any case the feedback is critical. 3) Reaching agreement on key behaviors for change. Experience will show that this is a simpler approach and more focused. Generalmentea is advisable to choose only one or two key areas for change in the behavior of each customer. This helps ensure maximum attention to the return of more importante.a comportamientoa clients and their managers (unless the customer is the CEO) must agree on the behavior they want to have change.