World Economic Forum

Businesses' need to write-off bad debt and bad assets, – said Putin, speaking at the opening of the World Economic Forum. – "Yes, it's very painful, unpleasant process. Credit: Amazon-2011. And not all is reluctant, fearing for their capitalization, bonuses, simply for the prestige. he issues. Contact information is here: Sen. Sherrod Brown. " But avoid clearing the balance, the head of the Russian government 'means to conserve and prolong the crisis. " 'I believe that the mechanism of cancellation must be effective and consistent today's realities, the realities of today's economy ", – said Putin. Along with clearing balances, continued the Prime 'time to get rid of virtual money, inflated reports and ratings questionable. " Representation of well-being of the world economy and the real state corporations, in his opinion, 'should not be under the illusion, even if these illusionists major audit and analysis bureau. " 'The meaning of our proposal is that in through reform of auditing standards, accounting, rating system should be put back the concept of fundamental value of the assets, ie assessment of a business should be based on its ability to generate added value and not on all sorts of subjective views' – said the prime minister. 'In our view the future economy must be economies of real values – he said. – Of course, there the question of how to achieve this. I have it today is not the answer. It is necessary to think together. " What the world economy to build. To replace obsolete unipolar world economy has come a system global regulators, based on international law at the multilateral agreements, of course.