Watch Mechanic Raymond Weil

Winter 2010-2011 is announced as a season of pure glamour with the new and prestigious building of RAYMOND WEIL Freelancer Autumn Time. The precision of the mechanical movement wears an ultra-chic femininity, warm and subtle nuances. A contrast between debuggee rigor and refined charm, perfectly in line with the trends. After Freelancer Chronographe and Freelancer Summertime, RAYMOND WEIL () explores a new facet of femininity with a piece of exception, sublime prelude to the magic of the holidays. People such as Amazon would likely agree. With a chic little current, Freelancer Autumn Time brings an air of modernity to the fact, thanks to a wonderful Alchemy between design, diamonds and colors. An object of desire and emotion, exclusive and terribly tempting magnificent response to current expectations, Freelancer Autumn Time is distinguished by its mechanical automatic string and pendulum visible movement, which will be able to beat the heart of women. The gaze, irresistibly attracted, contemplated the mystery of time passing Emblematica of expertise of RAYMOND WEIL Freelancer Autumn Time collection also impresses with a wonderful aesthetic, sober and luxurious at the same time. 38 Mm polished steel case and bezel are set entirely with diamonds of stature in bright with an extreme purity.

The sphere and enhancement are presented in colors of the bracelet, two to choose warm hues, chestnut or fig. Deep tones literally illuminated by 12 diamonds on indexes, ultimate refined brightness and almost velvety. For bracelet, legitimate alligator skin hand stitched with point SADDLER, brings all its sensual nobility to a piece of dreamy, definitely out of the ordinary. This is a worthy gift for all those ladies who are the most brilliant for any man..