Tubingen Erich Kastner

Clowns in the service, Kinderberg international E.v. in Tubingen Erich Kastner once said: there is no good unless you do it!And good causes certainly the work of the \”clowns in the service Kinderberg international E.v.\” in Tubingen. \”The mother of a small patient: you’re here a blessing!\” This beneficial effect is more difficult to accomplish, because as each club also on donations is instructed. Rising energy and personnel costs can be the financial ceiling are getting thinner. It also help the helpers, so that it often sounds, this: knock, knock, knock may we come in? the clowns… ask the young patients at the door. In the baggage you have joy and witty ideas, magic, Jong location, songs, music and lots of laughter. It is a nightmare for any parent: the child is seriously ill, sometimes weeks or months in the hospital, maybe it should even die.

A heavy burden rests on the shoulders of affected parents, as well as all needed anyway, to cope with everyday life. At the patient’s bedside means to pull themselves together, be happy, though the tears are closer than the laughter. And the longer the stay in the clinic, so the gap between everyday life, hopes and fears more difficult. As well, that there are the clowns in the service in the room. Clownvisiten are held regularly on several stations of the University children’s clinic in Tubingen and the clinic for children and adolescent medicine in Reutlingen. Their appearances provide variety and joy in the hospital and help children to be more confident. Parents can draw strength to cope with the own fears and worries of joy their children again. Clowns in the service also regularly play in nursing homes for dementia people. Often the only is if not empathetic attention, music, songs and shared laughter, even the last key to the entrance into the world of the patient.