The Shawshank Redemption Schedule

To do this, do a complete copy of the firmware GSM-hand side of (dump), which is unloaded and there is an area that needs to be modified, this area is modified. After that, the current firmware deleted, and modified write back. Voila, the phone unlocked. It would seem that, while at the bootloader? Key points in the process of unlocking – is erasing the old version and the new record. Whereas before, it can be done using it secpack from readily available, it is now necessary to have secpack of the next version. Ie unlock will always be one step later.

Incidentally, another apparent blow: a modem firmware update makes it impossible to unlock. Ie if you were running 1.1.2, and suddenly upgraded to 1.1.3 to call you have to wait until the next update will be released, containing updated GSM-modem. Oh, and "good" news: Pioneer movement unlock Georg (geohot) Hotz published detailed instructions on how to hardware downgrade bootloader'a. Very risky operation, I tell you. At the infamous forum, a lot of stories about a failed attempt. According to a recent vote of every three failed. Well well, educational program on the basic concepts can be considered complete remains yet to highlight a few points.

The Shawshank Redemption Schedule. Perhaps you've noticed that in the previous sections we have spoken only of "native" phone applications. As you probably know, the native applications is not limited. Of course, Steve Jobs has made it possible to write applications for the phone, but only within the browser, Safari.