Erilar John Hauke

This includes also the dwarf country Nidavellir. The world of the dead Hel, so named as Loki’s daughter, Hel there is ruler of all, houses all those who did not come to Valhalla. Lies beneath the deepest of all worlds – the cold and dark Nifelheim. Erilar John Hauke had especially in his stone, in which he the traditions of his ancestors also through many generations I Erilare were carved, a personal need is made clear in the center of his work. It concerned him, to save the biggest and most powerful God, blood brother of Odin’s, the universally beloved Loki before the evil distortions of new providers of God, because they had clearly recognized that Loki could be them dangerous in their sinful desire, to exchange the old Germanic gods against new. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown by clicking through. Why could just Loki are dangerous these? Because he was the God who belonged to neither of the two Gottergeschlechter, who was neither ASE nor wane. Loki was a carrier from the universe of the Giants.

Such a figure could be so dangerous, because she did not fit into the naive world of new providers of God that was fairly easy to set up. Above a sky and in the middle of a slice, including hell. If now Loki came from another universe, then came the whole wrong building of new providers of God in the waver. What was that for a universe? There maybe even more of it. Who lived in this universe who were the local gods? The new providers of God didn’t all that it was asked, and so they tried from Loki make a scoundrel, who represented the bad in itself. Quite in contrast to the truth. Because Loki was the the warlord from Odin made by he gave Gungnir, a spear him, which never missed his target. Also, it was Loki, who gave a ring of Odin, the Draupnir which constantly renewed and thus became the great wealth of Odin’s lair.