Reich Stamps

The classic collection of stamps is also in the Internet age, with young and old continue to be popular. Whether pure motive valuable collection or special collection, who was once attacked by collecting fever ceases, it has trouble doing it. But the classic collections such as stamps from the federal government, DDR, or German Reich, many collectors will become boring, more and more collectors focus on narrowly defined collection areas such as varieties of a particular time period, really been running first-day covers or brands that have been issued only for official purposes. Specialized publishers offer for even the unusual collection area a special stamp catalog, even for such exotic collection areas such as booklets exist extensive bibliographies. Among the most interesting stamp collections include the most commonly stationery, ie letters or cards that already have a printed value and require no additional stamp. Because right here, the entire envelope or postcard is collected, you can take great accrued Covers also something about the origin, Sender and the circumstances of the letter read. Even so-called varieties, ie stamps, which deviate from the desired appearance in shape or color, are a popular collecting field.

Whether stamps with errors in the teeth, the rubber coating or printing, varieties are usually many times more valuable than a flawless copies. Again, there is extensive literature and catalogs for all kinds of varieties. Who now thinks that a stamp collection is also a good value system, will realize quickly that this is not so. Even whole mint vintage example from Germany are now sold again at auction and below the nominal stamp auctions. If you want to collect stamps should do so for the fun of collecting – Reich is not here.