French Revolution

Besides extraordinary meetings may require certain contingencies, if any set has regularly without which nothing can abolish or extend, so that a designated day is the people called by the law, without the need for a formal call it .. . 'On the other hand, even his work, less known, Emile, a milestone as it relates to the novel teaching. remember how the same liberator Simon Bolivar was educated under the enormous influence of its postulates, by one of several teachers (perhaps the only one who could stand and shape their hyperactive temperament), which was in its infancy: SIMON RODRIGUEZ. voluntarist theories. argue that the right has been created naturally and spontaneously, without which he would not be possible peaceful coexistence.

No There is, for this conception, the intervention of the will of man or the divinity in the birth of law. ** Historical School. The environment in which born the famous and influential historical school was determined by the height of natural law thinking that has its climax in ideological positions and the very development of the French Revolution. When the revolution had to accept the mediocre success of his "doctrinaire world," began in Europe, and more specifically in England and Germany a reaction against the "ahistorical rationalism" of its pioneers and leaders. With regard to philosophy and law, the proposal against the rationalism and natural law, was always accompanied by conservative ideas included in your itinerary to the history, habits and religion as players in the conception of the world.

State Rights

" When he realizes that doing justice into their own hands is the cause of great troubles, go to the pact to delegate to the State the power to punish and make everyone respect the rules. But that has not ABUSE OF POWER branches should be different, specialized lawmakers, governors and judge. Its design, as can be seen is less pessimistic than that of Hobbes and, unlike it, believes that the contract which men do not neglect or based on the total surrender of the natural rights of man to man, or assembly, but in the delegation or mandate for the state to protect and guarantee all their rights. "Man, born since, as shown, with title to perfect freedom and not jerky enjoyment of all rights and privileges of the law of nature, like yours or any similar other number in the face of the land, have by nature the power not only to preserve their property, that is, life liberty and property against the grievances and aspirations of other men, but also to judge and punish other breaches of the law as it considers that the grievance deserves and even with death itself, in crimes where the hatred of the fact, in his opinion requires. More a political society can not exist or exist as it does not contain the power to preserve the property, and in order to It punishes the crimes of those pertain to this company at this point, and he alone, is that political society in which each member has abandoned his natural power, abdicating it in the hands of the community for all cases not exclude the call for legal protection established society. .