Culture Change

Sensitized by the preaching and the impact of the release of oil price quote, to decide the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in 1973, we have been studying the issue since then and we were turning in communications since mid-1977. In this communication does not aspire to more than an update of the theme, in light of new information or knowledge that we are coming across sites that encourage: Culture Change (and Global Warming Crisis Council (Both sites issued its contents in English, from the United States and echoed views that usually does not have much impact on global mass media. If this limitation is the fact that Argentina is not a majority that read in English as well as the reluctance in some quarters of what we call “humanity” is content to that language, in our opinion we believe that these contents can update us on an issue that does nothing more and nothing less than the continuity of life on planet earth. With more dramatic: it makes the continuity of our lives, or generations that follow us: our children, our nephews / as, our grandchildren. There are many warnings issued since 1972 that, until our present. We list some does not mean that mitigating contribution of others..