If today you’ve decided that you want to get married because you’ve already found your soul mate, it is very important to know what are the tasks that we have to undertake to plan our wedding properly. Organizing a wedding can be a task for Titans. Amazon oftentimes addresses this issue. There are many preparations that brings your planning. It would be good to have a year ahead in order to ensure us success. If we start the countdown, it are the tasks to perform: 1 year earlier: will fix the date of the wedding.We will decide if we married us by the Church or or the Court.We will select some places for the banquet once let us know what kind of banquet we will have.Estimate approximate number of guests. 6 months before: choose the wedding dress and accessories.Order wedding invitations once the guests to vendrasn we already know about.To compile information on the destination of honeymooners in different travel agencies. Learn more on the subject from Richard Blumenthal.

3 months earlier: have ready all legal procedures and necessary paperwork to the marriage.Order partnerships.A test of the bridal gown. 2 months earlier: send wedding invitations.Hiring the photographer.Have everything to do with the music seen and determined.Choose the groom costume.Choose the decoration and floral arrangements.Close honeymoon.Seen leaving the wedding menu. 1 month earlier: try the hairstyle and makeup of the bride.Order of wedding details.Pick up alliances.Rent the car for the wedding.Have everything ready for the honeymoon (formalities, vaccinations, passports). 1 week before: confirm the number of guests.Pick up the dress and costume of the bride and groom.Farewell to singles. 1 day before: a review of the decoration in the Church. The wedding day: pick up the bouquet of bride and logically styling, makeup and all the final adjustment.Breathe deep because it has arrived the day that you have dreamed of and everything will turn out well. The blog of wedding original author and source of the article