Stephen Harper

Despite the fact that the former government of Stephen Harper was accused of fraud and incompetence, the result of elections conservatives raised about 40% of the vote and won 166 seats in parliament, which will they again form a government. That is still the old people under the previous arrangements and interests, including in respect of banking activities with the United States. In addition, fresh in the memory more than a strange recent behavior Soros' game for a fall "in prices for gold, at a time when gold is in high demand – this leads to some reflection, that some ordinary intrigue in financial circles in the U.S. is completely up to. But I would like emphasize that the default and the introduction of Amer – it is not mandatory, but a possible solution for the U.S., the temptation that will be very high in June-July 2011. What is behind this may be followed, I can not qualified to judge, but I refer to the source in the internet, where is explained in economic terms the consequences for the U.S. and the world.

I quote "The first result of the introduction of the new currency will be a significant improvement of the U.S. economy and the creation of prerequisite for rapid and efficient economic development for decades. Hyperinflation quite simply invalidate all debts and obligations of America – direct loans, pension contract, social projects, salaries of public employees, etc., and the money will again be controlled. Parallel to this, hyperinflation pulls people out of a debt pit.