Soviet Communist Party

8 Decades ago Lenin led the Bolshevik revolution promising to go by dissolving the State to move towards a more democratic and egalitarian global society. However, the Soviet Communist Party spent another model (which would then expand to a third of humanity) in which grew statism and the power was concentrated in a new elite nationalist and totalitarian. In all those countries where the Communists came to power the successors of the leaders of the revolution they were replaced in internal domed meetings unless there is no popular election. No woman ever arrived at the head of any Socialist nation and the new Chief was always selected by the device. In Cuba and North Korea heir to the forger of the new socialist State has been, moreover, a relative of this (the son of Kim and Fidel’s brother). Raul Castro has sworn in as Cuban President asserting that in all important queried his older brother, though he promises to reduce bureaucracy and expand democracy internal (while ensures the single party monopoly and the continuity of the system). Original author and source of the article.