Salamanca People

Cities like Salamanca, Vitoria, Alicante or Zaragoza, among many others, have hosted protests near the buildings where the charges were elected. In Leon, the new mayor has welcomed between booing people protesting. There were arrested in Palma de Mallorca and Burgos. Madrid have lived moments of tension between riot and indignant. While in Madrid anti-riot officers dragged by the soil to be indignant protesting during and after re-election as Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, similar protest scenes are happening in other Spanish cities. Vitoria: several indignant have been reduced at the gates of the City Hall of Vitoria in a few altercations that occurred during the concentration of the followers of the movement 15 M remaining from the Saturday morning on the outskirts of the consistory of the Alava capital during the formation of the new Government team.

Palma de Mallorca: an en has served to protest against the political class, that a hundred people shouted We do not represent, the people United will never be defeated or corrupted and thieves. Three youths have been arrested by Local police for climb to the balcony of the Town Hall of Palma after the Act of Constitution of the consistory. Burgos: outraged two others have been arrested for having given a blow back to one of the agents and by taking pictures for police officers, respectively, while participating in the protests. Sevilla: dozens of people have full celebradoun citizen outside the headquarters of the City Council, hours before the official Constitution of the municipal corporation, that occurred at seven o’clock in the evening. Castellon: ctive of the Local police and national had to evict by force a group of outraged that had been lying in the door of the car park of the Town Hall of Castellon to wait the departure of the authorities, intervention which have occurred in some shoving and struggles.