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With the theme of personnel selection occurs something very curious: all heads or managers of businesses know select. I’ve seen on occasions people will get upset if you ask them: do you know which are the keys which will know or no, if the applicant demonstrates what he says that he knows to do?. Response: Mr Manager and therefore I am is what I do. In the following you will find some mistakes that I have observed in selection processes (and do not be surprised to see these same mistakes in large transnational or in companies Top.) As says Miguel Rios (Spanish singer) is a situation so human as the contradiction (topic: difficult it is to me, they can listen to it on) will start this series of articles with the theme: ignorance is daring 1.-ignorance is daring ignores the real needs of the post one cannot start to select whether before, at least know that the person will make, and execute tasks, with which materials and supplies operate, machines and tools used, with whom he is linked in the company. However there are occasions in which the persons involved in the process have no knowledge and even less the same discretion about which is the main thing or which is accessory, i.e.: not everyone understands them a company Publishing House received numerous applications for the vacancies of: promoter of mathematics books. After deleting all requests that did not cover the essential requirements, the recruiter had on his desk 7 requests for people with basically the same labour and academic background.

I select three of the 7 and requested the Secretariat to submit to these 3 first consideration by the Sales Manager. The Manager of sales to see resumes ask the recruiter: by that select those 3 requests in particular? The answer was: given that the other factors are the same, I am leaning to prefer classical music fans 3 requests. Mathematicians are fans at the classical music very often, and it is likely that these candidates will be accepted with more ease in circles which are frequent comments on Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. ( ?) The word that haunts many will be: analysis of post. Description of the post and others others will say more: specification of the post. It is not the purpose of this article to do a manual of those topics, because there are many sites dealing with this matter, surface or to detail. But it seems that they don’t know that they exist or do not visit them by being the ideal candidate businessman busy: I see in your resume that you completed two specialties, as well as MBA.

On the other hand, speaks five languages, is black belt in Taekondo and has completed studies in piano. Their personal competence among working capacity teamwork, initiative, skills of leadership, communication, sociability, bla, bla, bla. Applicant: That’s right, although the CV I sent you is the abbreviated. If needed I can provide three complete volumes. Employer: No, don’t need what I like is that I respond with sincerity: do you really feel you trained to work as a cook in my restaurant?