Planet Fitness Express

The volume of advisory support depends on the client’s needs. Planet Fitness offers a wide range consulting services: from architectural and planning solutions and technical specifications for utilities, selection and placement of equipment to the recruitment and training of staff in all divisions of the fitness club, as well as advice on advertising and marketing, accounting, business work stations, etc. However, the most popular is just a classic franchise product of Planet Fitness – Planet Fitness Express. In Within this package of services the franchisee gets an opportunity to use the trademark franchise.

So if you own a franchise of Planet Fitness, you can enjoy the right to own the company name, working on Russian market. By the time of opening the club to potential visitors will already know that it provides services to the highest professional level. One of the important elements of the franchising agreement is the fact that franchisor undertakes training for work in the firm franchisee. The educational program covers not only the coaching staff of the club, but also on other important departments, such as department sales and administration. In addition, the duties of a professional franchise includes the selection of staff – a task that begins to solve the entrepreneur is not always able to force an incomplete representation of what qualities must have a staff member. Often, the newly created club personnel are taking into account personal preference – good friends, former classmates, relatives. However, “family” approach to this type of business does not always justify itself – a good friend does not mean a professional.