Multipurpose Vehicle

Cross: Vehicle designed to do. These bikes have suspension with more travel than other types of motorcycles and all the power is applied to extract the most acceleration possible, since you need not have much speed. They are not approved for driving on the streets and without headlights, and tuition. Trail: Multipurpose Vehicle, 50% road 50% off road, can evolve either by road or any rural area. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Charles B. Rangel. Derived from the enduro bikes or cross but have all the equipment to be able to move more safely. Available from 600 cc ATV: Vehicles designed for off-road motorcycling, which combines sport and benefits.

It is a versatile off-road and able to face all types of terrain. Read more from Central Romana to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Racing: Sports are derived from large motorcycles used in speed competitions, are lighter than road bikes because they are able to accelerate faster and achieve these higher speeds. Prima above all the sporty performance. These are missile. There are subcategories like super-sport, hyper-or super-sport bike. Tourism: Vehicle designed specifically for long journeys.

They have medium or large engine displacement, an upright riding position, windshield and large fuel tank, and suitcases the sides of the rear. Most brands such as, and have this kind of within their ranges. Sport Touring: A vehicle designed for long journeys. In this type of premium vehicles plus the comfort and convenience and speed driving. They are characterized by a driving position closer to the vertical which makes driving more comfortable. Available from 1000 cc Naked: Vehicle whose name translated in English means "naked" by the lack of fairing and exposed carry much of the mechanics. His driving is more convenient to have high handlebars. They are cheaper than Racing and are available in 125 cc, 250 cc, 600 cc and 1,000 cc Custom: Vehicle whose name comes originally from the English verb to customize, which refers to the personalization of something that was created in a series of industrial and impersonal. In this case defines a type that offers the possibility of customization and modification according to tastes of the owner, (starting almost always a classic model or "retro"), so that the motorcycle ends up being a reflection of the personality and beauty of the person who possesses it. These are bikes with style. Chopper: Vehicle whose name comes from the English chopping (cutting) for having been created by cutting or removing unnecessary parts or elements. Therefore, with respect to traditional, Chopper usually lighter, have smaller fuel tanks, and their windshields, lights, fenders and seats are smaller or were removed. Can be based on a production motorcycle or be created from scratch. Javier Asencio -.