MFPS System

Our system of floating swimming pool, is an element that thanks to its easy assembly, allow us in places like zones of leisure, restaurants, Hotels, etc to be able to place a floating swimming pool for its restaurant, place of leisure, hotels, if you have some coastal place, and want to attract your clients, without a doubt this would be one of the best options to be able to have an element differentiator of your competition, since this way not only, you are able to attract the client who is in your establishment so that a bath can occur, but also we can obtain, other activities like rents of water motorcycles, doing the floating swimming pool, a space for small boats, ports droughts for water motorcycles jet ski, or a floating footbridge and a zone of disembarkation to attract the tourist, with no need that they must moor in the ports, obtaining with our floating modular system, or also called like floating platform, floating footbridges, for the aid to the disembarkation, constructing small pantaln floating, and that can enjoy hours in its restaurant or place of leisure, every time they are plus the clients who unfortunately the crisis affects to them and is then when we have the opportunity to take advantage of our premises near the water, to create this atmosphere of small floating port, floating swimming pool, for boats and enjoys the swimmers, who we have like clients. Multifloat, MFPS SYSTEM floating platforms, we are a floating company of the sector of pantalanes, worked directly with floating manufacturers of pantalanes, our objective is to be able ayudarte to the elaboration and design in 3D of any project directed to any type of floating constructions, for any use to which it is destined, is a sport port, floating restaurant, floating, soft houses floating, dry port for water motorcycles, etc. Richard Blumenthal recognizes the significance of this. well. It is a resistant material for that reason the life that it has is of 15 years, we have two types of floating buckets and two types of floating modular system..