Consequentemente, one better customer service/citizen. The creation of canals of diffusion of information, dynamic, of easy access and horizontalizados, catching the reality of the citizen in its social space and supplying it of information necessary to become it active, consists in an instrument that will promote the legitimacy of the services of AIMS AT (Fields; Werneck; TONON, 2001). Therefore, the access to the information is important to stimulate the popular participation and in the formation of conscientious citizens. who must promote this ' ' access to informao' ' it is the State in all its levels. Valley to cite the study of Arnstein (1969), that it described participation stairs citizen divided in three levels and 8 steps. Each step above increases the degree of popular participation. Level of not the participation: 1 – manipulation; 2 – therapy. Level of minimum concession of being able: 3 – information; 4 – consultation; 5 – pacification.

Level of being able citizen: 6 – partnership; 7 – delegation of being able; 8 – control citizen. The PAPER OF the UNIVERSITY IN the CONTRUO OF the SANITARY COSCINCIA Is consensus that the research is important tool for the taking of decisions in the definition of politics and the planning in health, contributing for the improvement of the actions of promotion, protection, recovery of the health and the reduction of the social inaqualities (PDVISA, 2007). It is observed that the professionals of the sanitary monitoring need knowledge deepened related legislaes the products, services, environments and equipment. Beyond knowledge in right bathroom and public health. What it becomes necessary the development of qualification plans, formation and qualification of the professional in sanitary monitoring for the development of a critical, impartial and independent performance, what is basic for the improvement of the work process. Another point is that to promote health the professional must change its vision of the aspect dressing for the preventive aspect of the illnesses.