Gran Scala Raises Doubts

The Gran Scala project, which aims to build a large complex and leisure centers in Los Monegros, Aragon, continues to create doubt and controversy, and a growing intensity of discussions every day. The interview given by Frederic Bouvard, president of ILD, promoter of the project, El Heraldo de Aragon, has not finished resolving doubts about the future or has changed the minds of detractors. He said, however, that the project is not dead but was delayed until 2014. This feeds the doubts that already generated some mandatory legal requirements by ILD, including the creation of 3,000 jobs and two sureties of large amounts. In addition, the project has been reduced as time passed, since the submission of the initial. Aragon government also faces criticism for giving the green light to a project that everyone wanted, right from the start. And now that it is not clear which way will the perpetrators. In his defense, the best phrase to excuse the delay Arturo Aliaga uttered: "What you have to do is the right thing." And rightly so, but it is curious that Aragon prepare an order to stop the opening of new gaming rooms temporarily, due to saturation resulting from their concentration in urban areas.

The approach could be to redistribute land. For all this, it seems clear that economic interests take priority over any other, but they might have to ask what they want the Aragonese on the issue. Anyway, hope that everything goes well, the Gran Scala project go ahead and have a little Las Vegas in Spain. Possibly the time, if things go as expected, will leave everyone happy..