ENA Company

To reach the nineties, now under the direction of Miguel Iglesias dancer, his largest creative source came from Lidice Nunez, although figures such as Jorge Abril and Isidro Rolando also developed a significant work. This choreographer dominated the scene dance company for almost a decade, until the advent of new generations of graduates of ENA, who brought the improntu creative to other areas already in the late 20th century and early years of the 21st, not to mention creative collaborations of outsiders as Jan time, Samir Akika, artists Joaquin Sabate and the own Mats Ek seconded by his wifeSpanish ballerina Anna lagoon. Today George Cespedes, Osnel Delgado and Julio Cesar Iglesias (son of the director of the company) are responsible for continuing the legacy of Ramiro from a contemporary discourse, using the resources that facilitates global and digital era today for the benefit of the Mise en scene. Countless are the prizes that earned the company over its almost fifty-two years of existence. Collective prizes and prizes individual, both for the choreographers who have worked on it during all that time, as for many of the dancers who have participated in his works. However, in their lines there is someone who has not been sufficiently recognised. It’s the first dancers and Maitre of modern dance, Luis Roblejo Rivas.

The world of dance is sometimes very misunderstood (and incomprehensible at the same time) and perhaps this is what has happened with this figure of Cuban modern and contemporary dance. Since his graduation from the national school of art in 1977 he participated in the vast majority of the dance repertoire of the company and despite this its importance and performance have been poorly evaluated, when not completely overlooked. Endowed with an impeccable technique, and despite his short stature he shone on stage by the passion that radiated your body in motion.