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Ability to design residence permit or permanent residence in humanitarian grounds is an achievable goal for ages over 70 years, despite the fact that the applicant is a single close relative of the holder of residence permit or permanent residence in the Czech Republic. If anyone is interested in this opportunity, then Other articles written after receiving questions from our readers, we’ll come back to this. Thus, the method of garbage or, if desired, screening, specific ways of obtaining legal grounds to stay in Czech Republic, we come to the central question: How to make a residence permit in the Czech Republic on the basis of ownership of the company on the Rights of the parent company. The first thing to do is prepare some documents, while still in Russia, here in Czech Republic Tourist website you will find a theme for the preparation of documents for registration of a company, here you will find an illustrative list, the accompanying registration of companies, services and their cost. Let not show you low cost, of course if you compare this kind of registration with the formation of jur. individuals are identical in abilities of legislation Czech Republic, this kind of organizations to form jur.

officials in Russia or in any other country in the world, it is safe to say that in Czech conditions of registration of such organizations, one of the most soft. Financial statements, tax policy, possible activities all aimed at what would be the one who is actually being an immigrant, could provide for themselves and not only themselves but also their family members, without seeking help from social institutions designed to protect the social status of the holder of residence permit. Of course, nobody would not mind if the owner Rentals, and even owns company on the Rights of the parent seek help from social agencies for social benefit, such as for children, assistance will be provided immediately and to the extent that Many users of, for example, such assistance to Russia will be amazed at its size. If, say, the applicant had lived in the Czech Republic 1,5 years and having two children, aged 15-18 years drawn in sots. for calculating benefits, it will be amount paid during the previous term to find in the Czech Republic, but not more than 1,5 years. In other words, when registering, 1,5 year, and decoration for the grant of benefits to include the real income per family member, and if not greedy, we can completely get a lump sum equal to 20 000 sek per child and subsequently receive a monthly allowance to a decent order until the child is 26 years.

Of course, certain conditions must be satisfied, and then Czech state will take part of the cost to educate your child yourself, the way it is, contrary to popular opinion does not affect the further extension of the visa and subsequently, receipt of permanent residence. The level of social benefits of child varies and depends on the child’s age, parents’ affluence and the desire of parents to draw up all the law, without excessive greed and the ability to communicate. By the way, our customers, we will naturally help to pass if necessary, the procedure of registration to obtain the benefits of raising children.