Construction Committee

The design office employs highly qualified professionals with experience in designing structures made of metal structures. Step Two: Making of profiles and components.: Starting with the release in 2003 31 size profiles today the company produces more than 200 types of various profiles and metal fasteners for assembly volumetric designs LSTC. They all have a compliance certificate Construction Committee of Russia. For the manufacture of metal profiles is high-strength structural steel with zinc coated according to GOST 14918-80 "Steel thin sheet Galvanized with continuous lines, "with a yield at least 230 MPa with a first-class zinc coating weight of 1 sq. m. coating applied on both sides from 258 to 570 grams. and the coating thickness from 18 to 40 microns. inclusive).

Structures metal of galvanized steel protected against corrosion for the life of the building. Lifetime profiles were studied in the "British Steel". Studies have been conducted for galvanized steel profiles in the open air. In result showed that 275 g/m2 zinc enough for durability in about 100 years. To meet the needs of builders in quality, cost effective and durable crate our firm in cooperation with one of St. Petersburg's leading roofing companies, "AVEKS +" in 2005, mastered and implemented the profiles of metal-op crate universal shelf height of 25 mm with a thickness of 0.55 mm and ventilated crate universal EMBs with tall shelves 45 mm thick 0, 7 mm. A feature is the presence of EMBs sheathing on its side walls of the holes with a diameter of 20 mm in steps of 186 mm, arranged in such a way that provides under-roof space ventilation and drainage of condensate during its education.