Constitutional Court

The Executive Branch is the system which is proposed and decreed the law; the legislative branch is the one that It approves the law presented as a proposal or draft law in the Cortes Generales as legislative authority and Control of the Government (article 66.2); and the judiciary is exercised by and applies the law made by the legislature and Executive, under the politilizacion of both powers. If the lack of independence of the judiciary is due to political speculation that there is in Constitution members that comprise the General Council of the judiciary and of the Constitutional Court by the control both the legislative and the Executive, we should try to reform that system so that judges and magistrates may be elected under the Constitution of these institutional bodies cannot between themselves – since this full-blown in the isolation of the judiciary and the lack coordination between the other two powers- but in a formation of the organs of the judiciary which would be constituted and governed only among certain groups of judges and magistrates of recognized experience and professional integrity who had the power to submit proposals or projects that are voted in referendum so that the Spanish people can choose in a free election to constituent groups of the members of the General Council of the judiciary and of the Constitutional Court on behalf of Justice for the citizen and to ensure well total independence in the incompatibilities of judges, magistrates and prosecutors (article 127.2). .