View this phenomenology in general we see God present in the history of salvation-now you can reflect personally and left him, is already more specifically: Christ present in the Eucharist- and here I do a summary, trying to explain the evolution of the concept of Christ’s presence in the celebration, and in the Church. We have many documents that speak to us from the Council and shortly before the Council, and we are talking of that presence, but I will give one line to understand what is this presence in papal documents, and we started with the Constitution of liturgy, we find that expression in the number 7: to make a great work, Christ is always present in his Church, especially in the liturgical action. Let’s see how evolves in papal documents this concept of Christ’s presence. The first document is a little old, is that of Trento (Council of Trent 1545-1563), and Trent said that Christ is truly present under the sacrament species, and that it is present in the Minister. Trent does not speak of Assembly, do not speak of Word, only of the Eucharist, and in the Minister.

But nearest to us is the Encyclical: Mediator dei et hominum in 1947 and Pope Pio XII. In this documento0 which is the Magna Carta of the liturgical movement, tells us that Jesus Christ is present in the sacrifice of the Altar. Speaks of the sacrifice of the mass. There has been an evolution in the doctrine of the Church. Altar, mass., also in the person of the Minister and in the Eucharistic species. But covers them both, Minister and species, inside of the sacrifice of the Altar. Instead then speaks, that is present in the sacraments and is present in the Assembly and entreaties.