Christine ODonnell

Congressional elections will be to choose 1/3 of the Senators that last six years in its functions and to all members of the House of representatives (MPS) lasting two years. The elections serve as thermometer to measure the performance of the Administration in Washington. Surveys show primers for Democrats, who spent more money that any Government in history to foster economic growth, without reaching positive achievements, in debt to the country to stratospheric levels. The deficit has reached 14 trillion (trillion in Spanish), equivalent to 94% of annual GDP.

Unemployment goes bordering 10%, so that the injection of money not served to generate work or improve the lives of the average citizen. Blaming the previous administration continues to be the argument of the resentful and useless. All Government receives the successes and mistakes of their predecessors. After two years and 14 trillion, solely responsible for the current situation is Barack Obama. According to the predictions of FiveThirtyEight, which are the most thoughtful in regards to household projections of the United States, the renewed House of representatives will have 227 Republicans and 207 Democrats.

It will be goodbye to Nancy Pelosi as leader of the majority, first woman to be elected to the post, third in succession after the President, and the most unpleasant and useless self-worshiping of the Congress. The Democrats will win 52 seats in the Senate, against 48 of the Republicans. If the Tea Party had not nominated inexperienced candidates like Christine ODonnell, who did not dare to submit to an interview with Bill OReilly, marking the beginning of his defeat, the results could be better for the opposition. Lesson no. 1: that is not prepared to answer any questions, to make front to any debate, in any Forum and with any interviewer not should meddle in politics!