CEU Students

On 17 February took place the day of election of squares Erasmus and international mobility at the Universidad CEU San Pablo in which more than 500 students participated between its two campuses, the Moncloa Campus and the Monteprincipe Campus. Students will have access to this scholarship within the Erasmus programme of the European Commission (lifelong learning programme) or through bilateral exchange agreements subscribed between the Universidad CEU San Pablo and other foreign universities. Selected students, depending on the position reached in the selection tests, could choose their destination University during this journey, which counted for your organization with the sponsorship of Talkyonline, who made the presentation take Talky Erasmus, informing students telephone service by internet Talky. The future Erasmus students were able to learn in detail the advantages and solutions provided by the Talky service for those who, like them, will need an effective and economical way of communicating from abroad. Thus, for example, that calls and videoconferences between Talky users are free of charge; as your off net rates are up to 70% cheaper than Skype, or how to get a Spanish and international numbering between more than 50 countries. The new Erasmus students, learned about during the course of the presentation other many services offered by Talky that could be very useful, as the sending of SMS, mobile recharges national international, cards.

As a special promotion CEU, Talky gave future Erasmus with 10% on all refills that conducted during the period of his fellowship, and Spanish numbering free for 6 months. The Act ended with delivery to nearly 500 students a card Talky gift with 2 euros of balance and a sweet memory shaped candy bar. Remember that with TalkyOnline you can call over the Internet from your PC and make calls from mobile Internet. Also called free others Talky. TalkyOnline is the best way to make phone calls cheaper.

FOR more information: Carlos Garcia Tel: 901 667 949 on CAPCOM international: Capcom international, founded in 1998, has more than ten years of experience in voice over IP and prepaid, being the Spanish telephone operator of reference in IP telephony solutions. From Capcom offer innovative solutions tailored to corporate customers, both residential. They also have specific applications for resellers or booths, and a powerful platform for prepaid card. Capcom is the holder of a licence type A (granted by the Commission for the telecommunications market since April 1999). Likewise, it has the authorizations A and C. The headquarters is located in Madrid and offices in Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Tenerife are located.