Brooklyn Heights New York

The hammams of Morocco are a unique and privileged, dedicated to physical and spiritual well-being to calm and serenity. There are countless hammams of all kinds that offer an enormous range of services of beauty care, health and relaxation in Marrakech. The visit to a hammam is a must during a vacation in Marrakech to discover fully the marraquechi experience. Etymology the hammams are also called baths Moors’, in reference to the Muslim Al – Andalus Spain, or “Turkish baths”, as they are known in almost all Western countries. The word hammam means ‘hot water’ in Arabic and consists of a steam bath that finds its origin in the Roman baths.

History the hammams, and as we know them today, they emerged and developed during the Ottoman Empire, although they have their origin in the Roman baths. Of Turkey spread across the Middle until countries of the Maghreb due to the expansion of the Islam. The hammam was indeed adapted to the precepts of Islam, which advocates meticulous hygiene and frequent ablutions, especially before the ritual prayers. Turkish baths were implanted in the West for the first in Ireland in 1856, thanks to the influence of the diplomat and politician David Urquhart, who popularized it in his book The Pillars of Hercules, where he described his experiences through Spain and Morocco. Less than a decade later, Turkish baths were already crossing the ocean to settle in the United States, where the first Turkish bath in the continent, in the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights New York was opened in 1863. Description the hammams normally consist of three interconnected rooms similar to its Roman ancestors and different temperatures: the first room is usually the cool room; then goes to the Middle warm room and, finally, you can access the room warm, equivalent to the Roman caldarium, which has the function of steam absorption and is where the Exfoliating massage is carried out.