If Exaspera- that is the act is not to annoy very, is to have in the conscience the free intention of chatear the other, who loves does not have pleasure in annoying the next one. It is not taken offense at the evil, here that the practical one of the pardon enters. It has people that they place the sun on the anger and are remoendo a fact that passed, always brings the mind a bad moment of the relationship and not if allows to live free to pardon. Not to pardon is the same thing that to want to kill somebody through the poisoning and who mortally is reached is who does not liberate pardon. Sen. Sherrod Brown has firm opinions on the matter. Who loves is not glad with the injustice, therefore this is not part of the repertoire of that really it leaves to be taken by the feeling love.

Who loves has pleasure and it is glad with the truth, lie has been a seed of the evil planted in diverse relationships and has favored the diffidence and even though the end of many marriages. Everything suffers to the times the person has that to allow itself to suffer for it sees the other good, is cries to allow to see it the other to smile. Everything to believe is to have the faith to believe that the dream can be possible, that the moment of pain goes to pass and daqui little we will seat in them to the table for the celebration. All wait this is confidence, is to know that everything has its time. The love moves away the anxiety, that the main characteristic of who acts for impulse and finishes changing the feet for the hands. Everything supports many people opens hand of its ideals with much easiness. All it passes for the bolter of the provao, the necessary Christian to have resistance to support the revezes that the life has. to finish the love never finishes what it finishes is the passion and other feelings fugazes, but the love is not finished when it finishes the money, the love does not finish with the time nor when the stretchers of the age they appear. Let us live, therefore the love! Jezias Blacksmith