Alberto Magallanes

Now, it is very likely that we have not repaired even in our abilities or natural talents, we are accustomed to being in a society in which most encourage to be copies of other people’s success, no repair that we can also reach success with much more easily if we focus on our strengths, skills or personal gifts. If this is the case as we discover our natural talents? For this purpose we use a paper and write a list of things that we do and they seem easy to us, these are the things that we can do and does not need any effort extra, keep in mind that many times our gifts are in the things we do with total naturalness and seem easy to do. Then make another list of activities in which time seems to fly, we can spend hours doing these things and when we want to agree already spent five hours for example, this is another clue to detect our personal gifts, and finally writes all the activities that make you happy, things that make you smile, that would do just for you, you do not need a pay for it because you find them interestingfun and you fill. Now in these three lists common activities, which you included in both, these are surely the skills and natural talents. These are the areas in which you will have to try to further strengthen them, imagine if you could spend most of your time developing and playing with something that makes you happy, where time flies and where it is easy for you; would it be good truth? Here expose them the paragraphs which concludes this wonderful article: do not stay stuck with the old Council work on your weaknesses.

He hires someone who is good where you are weak. Delegated tasks that you do not enjoy others who if they enjoy those things. Automate repetitive tasks. Hired services of things that you’re not good making them. No matter how hard I try, it is not very likely that you get to do more than average in the areas where you do not have an aptitude.

Work on your weaknesses always decreases your self-esteem as you enfocaras you mostly on your deficiencies. On the other hand, work on developing your natural talents is self rewarding and motivating, allowing you to continuously produce higher levels of ability, achievement and success. Invest your time and energy to be great at something really superb. You’ll be happier. And those who receive your work, your customers, you will reward for your excellence. Which combination; what you love and people will pay you for doing it! Focus on your strengths. Experience the immense satisfaction that comes with being excellent at something. I hope them has been interesting this article, we focus on what we really are good to always making it is the best option, we will gain in time and quality. If need more information about resources for entrepreneurs I invite you visit me in which you will find tutorials, resources and tools that can help you in your adventure online.