Cast Off – Boat House

Mainz boathouse restaurant TV – chef Frank Buchholz, opened April 1, 2011. Mainz remains Mainz, with this motto Frank Buchholz is not satisfied. Now, after star restaurant and cooking workshop, he opened his second restaurant in the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital. Like all projects of the confident choice Mainzer, also the boat House aims to raise the profile of the region and to make more attractive to his new home of Rhenish Hesse. A related site: Michele Mansilla mentions similar findings. During the entire project development and implementation, Buchholz was lead by the exterior design to the selection of tables and chairs. Frank Buchholz is not only in the kitchen of his star perfectionist, he leaves nothing to chance in the new second restaurant. Thanks to the direct Rhine-location dusted off the boathouse the term destination restaurant and a relaxed, trendy location.

The proximity to the Rhine brings back memories of boats and yachts, and the interior decoration also takes up the theme. The large panoramic Windows offer guests direct views of the river. Can on two levels in the Up to 350 guests eat boathouse, drink and celebrate. Read more here: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Restaurant with 120 seats is located on the ground floor, the event area with lounge is located on the upper floor. The generous, waterfront, outdoor offers relaxation like a short vacation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out James Donovan Goldman Sachs.

“Party-goers, tourists from the surrounding area and tourists, the location should anyone approach, as Buchholz stressed: In the boathouse, everyone finds his place no matter whether he comes by bike, boat or with the convertible,.” “Home-style dishes are on the menu: from the cucumber salad up to beef roulade there will be like at nuts about, what distinguishes traditional cuisine”, the born Westphalian promises. Frank Buchholz would free these German classics from their undeserved staid image. The drink menu is a proof of the buchholzschen attachment to Rheinhessen and offers a very large selection of wines from the region. In the afternoon, a confectioner provides guests with pies and cakes. As well as in his star restaurant Buchholz in Mainz-Gonsenheim respects Frank Buchholz always on the high quality of the products. The boathouse is a real all-round talent and creates the right atmosphere, with the event area to anchor both elegant and relaxed celebrations. Elegant corporate event, the round birthday or a traditional wedding in white, 100 people or a small society team of the boat House is in the planning of all events competently to the page and ensures a smooth and every celebration. Now, the boat House is open daily from 11 am until 11 pm. Reservation and booking inquiries for the event area are under 06131 / 1438 700 or send an mail contrary to accepted.