Cuban Communist Party

It was to hope that the first one would be pronounced reclamation, critic of Fidel Castro with just the elect North American president Barack Obama, with respect to Guantnamo, very little lasted the enthusiasm of Fidel of to take passage to new expectations of approach with the United States and it made the first critic, as it indicates to it when accusing to him to condition the return to Cuba of the base of Guantnamo and to share the genocide against the Palestinians when supporting to Israel. The convalescent Cuban leader, of 82 years, sent itself thorough in his last reflection when erasing to Obama to follow the same line of George W. Bush of pride, abuse authority and to violate the international right. I castrate mentioned declarations of the North American governor, tying the return of the base to its impact in the defense capabilities of its country and to the concessions that made Havana, which is equivalent to the exigency of a change in its political system, a price against which Cuba has fought during means century, Cuba protests from 1959 the return of the territory that from 1901 is used as military base, and more recently like jail of Afghan prisoners military and defendant of terrorism. Click Ohio Senator for additional related pages. Still the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, the maximum authority in the island, mentioned one recent declaration published in the page of the American government supporting the relation between the United States and Israel, the main ally in the region, and the right of Israel to protect his citizens. According to I castrate, the position of Obama and his vice-president Joseph Biden retakes the policy of Bush. It is the way to share the genocide against the Palestinians in which our Obama friend has fallen, he adds It is necessary to remember that the ex-president Fidel in an opportunity he praised the personality of Obama to that considers that it could help to in the last change a little the aggravated image of the United States years although also he expressed doubts that a single person could to change years of confrontation. . Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from James Donovan Goldman.