UMTS – Is Still The Measure Of All Things

Currently, UMTS is still the current mobile communications standard. The UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system) of the 3rd generation mobile communications standard is. This is the successor to the GSM (global system for mobile communications) which made it possible to surf with up to 220 kbit per second. The UMTS, now up to 14.4 Mbit per second are possible. Hiefur is required for HSDPA. But here is a changing of the guard in the House soon. Because the LTE (long term evolution) is already in the starting blocks.

Rates are to be achieved at the 4th generation of mobile radio transmission up to 170 Mbit per second. But until then, you can confidently rely on the UMTS. The licenses for the use of the UMTS standards were sold in 2000. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs insists that this is the case. Here, the Federal Network Agency reported a profit of about 50 billion euros. Thus, Germany was the No.

1 in the world in terms of costs. MobilCom multimedia GmbH has been awarded among other things, they returned the licensing rights but in 2003. In addition, there were the D2 Vodafone GmbH, T-Mobile Germany GmbH, – Plus and O2 Germany GmbH & co. oHG, who received the supplement. In 2002, the provider of Group 3 G from the German network got out. Without a fixed connection, you can use the UMTS network. It opts for wireless access, you should clarify but before, whether it is also available in the desired area. Just big cities here have advantages as opposed to rural areas. A query can be done via various platforms on the net. Here is a Germany wide map give an overview. Or use the input of a zip code to determine the precise location. Christopher Heinsius