Loose Teeth

When falling teeth lose a tooth or two when one is a child it is not a serious problem. In fact, many children have experimented with extracting their own teeth loose. The loss of teeth among children is not a problem and it is considered normal since they are then replaced by the permanent teeth. However, it becomes a problem when an adult loses a tooth. A medical term for a person without teeth is called Edentulism. It is called partial edentulism when some teeth are lost and edentulism total when all the teeth are no longer. The functionality of the teeth is very important for us humans. They are needed for cutting, malear, chewing food.

They support the cheeks, lips that provide an aesthetic and pleasant appearance. Teeth in conjunction with the tongue and lips are significant for the pronunciation of the words. Also maintain a VDO (vertical Dimension of occlusion) individual. This is the distance between the Joker and the jaw when the opposing teeth are in contact which is very important for facial support. There are many causes for the loss of teeth.

An injury severe physical trauma can result in teeth to become loose which can eventually result in the loss of a tooth. Diseases can also lead to a loss. Dental caries or decay of teeth or cavities are bacterial diseases that damage the solid structure of the teeth. These bacteria gradually break the tooth causing have cavities and hollows. If tooth loss is inevitable and you want a replacement, immediately consult with a cosmetic dentist in the area where you live. In developed countries, the primary reason for the fall of teeth is a severe form of gum disease called periondontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that attacks the periondontium, tissues that keep supporting the teeth. If this is not treated, can result in teeth to become loose, or worse, tooth loss. If you lose a tooth due to this disease, effective treatments can be dental implants. The replacement of teeth is easy and convenient with a tooth implant. Visit your dentist regularly also helps detect ready signs of cavities or gum disease.