Energy Efficiency

The past year without exaggeration be called a new stage in the development of the Russian housing and communal services. Adopted in late November, the Law on Energy Efficiency "changed the rules of the game on the market of public services and put many of his participants to rethink their economic priorities. How to live and work in new conditions? Reply to this question will help the experience of those companies who have chosen energy efficiency as a long-term strategy development. With each passing day it becomes increasingly clear that energy efficiency is one of the main trends of the global economy in the xxi century. And utilities can not be an exception. Steve Rattner understands that this is vital information.

Moreover, the housing question reduce energy loss is much sharper than in any other sector of the economy, because almost half of all energy resources of developed countries is spent today on the provision of communal needs of their citizens. That As for our country, the situation is even more alarming. For example, in Moscow on municipal needs takes about 60% of the produced heat and over a quarter – an electric one. And from 40 to 70% of this energy just dissipates into the atmosphere. In the regions the situation is no better. Our homes are constantly radiate heat through the thin panel walls, seams, broken windows in the stairwells and open windows, turning the city into a giant Energy sieve. Largely due to the situation in the housing, the gross domestic product has tremendous energy, one of the highest in the world.

Electricity Supply Schemes

The massive construction of electrical networks for the period 1960-1985 he allowed electrifying virtually all rural consumers. Almost all of them are provided with electricity from centralized power systems. Only small number of small networks of power away from the consumer is supplied with electricity from isolated, small, mostly diesel power plants. The achieved level of centralized power will bring the annual consumption of electricity in agriculture over the last decade to 5-7% of the total electricity consumption in the country. Can be considered the first phase of electrification rural customers – coverage of power "in breadth." Launched the second phase – Electrification "deep", characterized by more intensive introduction of energy in agricultural production in result of complex automation and elektromehanizatsii stationary processes, higher levels of electrification of household needs of rural population, as well as solea quality and reliable electricity supply in rural consumers. The level of exploitation of rural power networks, especially networks of 0.4-10 kV voltage does not meet modern requirements for reliability of supply of rural consumers. Overall state power grids of 0.4 and 6-10 kV characterized the data in Table. 1. Table 1 The technical condition of power grids in rural areas, state of the elements of an electric network,% good, fair unsatisfactory unfit for further use of 0.38 kV overhead line 81.6 12.9 5.5 85.8 VL6-20kV 07.10 04.05 TP 6-35/0, 38 kV 87.1 10.0 2.9 The level of electricity losses in networks Agricultural voltage of 35 kV and below about 12 96, which is approximately 2 times higher than the loss of electricity to industrial and urban networks of the same voltage class structure of energy losses in the networks of agricultural land in recent years, characterized by the data table.

The Trouble

When you install on it with the appropriate amount Mode speed drill, drill easily take a variety of materials: wood and, and plastic and metal, and concrete (the same panel walls). And if before the drilling of concrete needed something special, mini-navrode punch, then in modern multi-speed drills, there are various modes, including atonic, and variable speed for working with materials of different structure and softness. In addition, this tool can be used in other qualities, such as screws are tightened and screws: speed adjustment, as well as the reverse (ie, the movement of the drill in reverse) is in almost all modern electric drill and a drill-mixer with a variety of nozzles, mixers, how to help mix the paint and mix the solution in a small volume, you even think of themselves to repair their own homes. It goes without saying that the quality and uniformity obtained solutions and mixtures will be much better than those that are prepared by hand. There are other features that may accompany the usual drill with the appropriate nozzles. It can be used as a Bulgarian, as jig saw, circular saw and how even as a sharpener for knives, and there are special angle nozzles for drilling in awkward and inaccessible places. In other words, non-professional for infrequent repairs home today, there is no need to buy several different-sized units, just one is enough – modern electric drill. To whom it should be Someone may buy a few to scare the big (compared to But then there is the need to drill only one hole and had to go cap in hand to friends or neighbors who are happy owners of a precious instrument.

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