Unusual Houses

Ancient monuments and beautiful new home. Buildings that are remembered forever at a glance. The most beautiful and unusual homes around the world. The modular frame assembly cottage area of 100 square meters. meters built on Technology KFS (Kullman Frame System), which allows you to erect prefabricated up to 12 floors. Architecture and photos: Garrison Architects House with a large pond and a bamboo interior, Indonesia The complex consists of three bedrooms and a central pavilion two-story pavilion with a lounge and dining room. (Similarly see: Michael Ramlet).

Architecture and photos: Yoka Sara International House on the shores of the Andaman Sea, Phuket, Thailand accommodation this stunning villa on the shores of the Andaman Sea (Phuket, Thailand) are located on three basic levels, each with picturesque views over the Indian Ocean. Architecture: Original Vision Ltd, Adrian McCarroll, Waiman Cheung, Jamie Jamieson Photo: Marc Gerritsen. Helicam Asia Aerial Photography luxury villa-hotel on the island of Dunbar, Central America, Honduras luxury villa-hotel on the Dunbar Island (Central America, Honduras) situated on top of a 10-meter cliff half a kilometer from shore. On three floors are available, 6 bedrooms, communication and electricity supply were laid to the island on the ocean floor. Villa popular among divers. Photo: Bob Barbanes, USDive Travel House, stone, Switzerland Project stone houses in Switzerland, is a reaction to the modern construction of chaotic overcrowded urban areas. Therefore there are no virtually all the attributes of a classical building.

Architects: Markus Wespi Jerome de Meuron architects Photo: Hannes Henz house on the lake in the Netherlands Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter has designed this house on the lake in the Netherlands for couples, and collects works of art. Transparent glass first floor creates a contrast with the second floor, large volume, with a facade of wood trim. Photo Pieter Kers design house in rustic style on Lake Como, Italy Designed in rustic style homes on Lake Como (Italy) brings together the exposed surface of limestone and concrete, unpolished with elements of wood.