Statuses for a label phrases or terms in a different form, which transmit physical or emotional condition of the people, their position in society, the profession at the present time, etc. Statuses of widely started used in a global network of services like the Agent, Mayl_ru, QIP, ICQ, but not as a text message, and as a small figure with a smiley face, indicating the state of mind of man. Very often, the statuses are used in Internet social networks such as Classmates, Mayl_ru, Moy_mir, VKontakte and others, in the form of a text citations, which each user installs itself in a separate window. Such a phrase would read any user. The fact that you have set a new status to instantly recognize your friends. What is useful for users may be the status? First, by status in social networks VKontakte you at any time can tell friends, what event you have planned, be it an anniversary or approaching the emerging romantic date. Statuses, which bear you or your friends, you can easily guess what at the moment mood in the host page. Currently, a social network there are entire collections VKontakte status on any topic: the status about girls, funny, about life, about boys, funny, about love, funny, sad.

Secondly, with VKontakte status you can click all my friends for help. Without delay, your friends will receive VKontakte signaling status, and can very quickly come to the rescue. Agree to write ten letters – Very tiring, and if need fifty or a hundred, it will take much time and effort. Easily the problem can help solve statuses. This is useful if you are taking part in the competition, and for a complete victory you do not have enough just a few votes – friends will soon be able to solve the problem.

Some of them will call to the help of friends from various lists to which you have no contacts, and assistance as a result will be significant. With the status can be and then say thank you. Third, a status will be able to lift themselves and their friends the mood. If the user has read funny aphorism coined himself or any funny remarks, then he quickly statuses can share with friends and, perhaps, such status will spread all over the internet and will be included in the total collection. Statuses carry a lot of emotions and positive. After a romantic quote can be recognized in their feelings – Unusual and beautiful, a fun and funny – can improve mood and his friends. Create an image of himself deep philosopher, romantic lyrics, secular lion, gay optimist – it's all you can afford, and status will help you.