And an opportunity to assess the mood of the audience. As certainly a valuable element of the dispute can be considered its completeness – the presence of a clear final text of summarizing the parties. Thus, the dispute in the proposed format on the site – it's no accident that arose impact on the forum, which can get lost among the hundreds of irrelevant to the topic of blog entries, and quite complete meaningful work of polemical art. And the fact that eSpora potentially smaller audience than the forums and, especially, in chat rooms, so it's understandable. After all, not many are able to hold a thought for several consecutive records. But can this should have its own service, which protects them from the distractions of people do not even know what you are talking about. Sen. Sherrod Brown often addresses the matter in his writings.

Visitors to the site: For a discussion of narrow issues not necessarily go to the forum – you can use a bunch of programs for communication, for example, using the same ICQ, Skype, or even correspond by mail. eSpor: You yourself wrote about the 'color scheme of publicity'! Agree, a public dispute, when you read, evaluate, comment on – this is something other than the throwing of fragments of sentences in programs for communication. And most importantly – after talking to ICQ has no choice (unless specifically not to care about preserving history.) A discussion on eSpore will be stored for a long time and will certainly be useful for many looking to its subject matter. Still, do not forget that the service Enrollment disputes – is in itself a very important tool for evaluating the interests of the audience. Visitors to the site: Well with the dispute, of course, is understandable – indeed such a network was not there, and why it was an open door discussions, forums, blogs, that for some reason you named clipboards? eSpor: Honestly, they originally were not planned, but after creating a program that implements the controversy, it was found that with minimal changes it can serve and discussion (Forums with a fixed number of users), and the standard forums, and notebooks for record keeping by one person. And why was not this give the users? It is not necessary to limit the flight of their imagination and their needs to commit their thoughts. Tools debate is also unique, as well as disputes. We think it will be particularly useful in its closed mode, that is when his records will not be available to other users.

This is useful for tracking execution of any project. So we do appreciate the usefulness of the discussions when working on the creation of the site – all posts, comments, observations are stored in a convenient and accessible way. Examples of such branches eSpora as notebook and a forum, it is easy to appreciate, see the section 'News',' help ',' comments and suggestions. " And even the exchange of private messages between users (see 'feedback') is implemented on a standard service forum – just everything they are hidden, that is visible only to owner of the branch. Visitors to the site: Well – quite convincingly. Although doubt is that someone does need to remain. It all depends on the further development of the site. Material on the site for search for truth – eSpor