Albert Einstein

Fidel, politician, writer, the orator, the guerrilla, the victorious, the defiant, radical, the intellectual and the controversial has eclipsed all the other figures of Latin America. But is, above all, to Fidel, the statesman, who is him You must tribute of the century. His enemies attack him with the trite arguments of lack of democracy, of freedom of worship and freedom of expression on the island. The most radical paint him as an execrable murderer. But Fidel is, today, the only leader who is left in the world. Especially when that leadership has exercised it in spite of the most powerful Empire of the universe. Latin American women is Evita Peron.

Jose Pablo Feinmann, Argentine philosopher and novelist describes very well this South American phenomenon with woman’s face: Evita is those characters who feel that they represent history in given time, passed to embody the history. I think that avoids was aware of that from 1946 embodied the sense of history in the Argentina and especially embodied as a woman. Because it was absolutely unique in this aspect: political, aggressive, passionate, arrabalera, woman and righteous social. It was unique. I knew that embodied it, was mounted in the transcendent sense of history.

And that he had to devote his life to that transcendence historical. And she wanted to go down in history; It went down in history and I think that it consumed passing into history. Timed out in a few years because his militancy, the fire of that passion was so great that, somehow, he burned it. At the global level I choose Albert Einstein by the history of science have split in two with his theories about electromagnetic energy, statistical mechanics and relativity. Professor at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gesellschaft in Berlin and researcher at the Institute for advanced study in Princeton, Einstein changed the course of development and put man to walk in unexpected areas.