Verona Politics

The monarchy is a government form where the individual governs as state head. Therefore having two or more people living in group they are needed rules to organize, to manage the convivncia getting the balance enters the people favoring the general collective and individual of each member, this process can be defined as politics. Dante lived at a time of transistion exit of the average age for the renaissance and can even though observe the creation of the Inquisio Saint for Inocncio Pope, at this time the power of the church was unquestioned, an extremely authoritarian period where the monarch exerted its power fully. Word-Key: Monarchy, transistion Average Age and Renaissance, absolute power of the Church. Students of Philosophy in the Bagozzi College. In this work we intend to present the thought politician of Dante Alighieri through its workmanship the Monarchy, for thus, to provide to the reader an understanding of its thought in the field politician in time where the author lived.

I the universe of Dante Alighieri. Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was born in Florena in the seio of a family of noble origin. With great activity politics in the party favorable to the Emperor (guelfos whites), it arrived to be, in recent years of century XIII, member of the advice and prior of Florena. He received its education from religious orders (Dominican and franciscanos), a genuinely scholastic formation, not representing a clergyman or neither a lay illiterate person, but before an intellectual and a writer who knew and used the philosophical, canonsticas arguments, theological legal experts and knowing to tie them enter itself in independent and effective way. He was pursued by its performance condemned politics and to the fogueira for corruption, extortion and legal opposition to the Pope; if he took refuge in diverse Italian cities, as: Verona, Pdua, Treviso, Venice and Ravena, always under responsibility of on noblemen to the Emperor.