In the Netherlands – Holland, these powers were transferred to local authorities. In each Dutch municipality has its own department issuing building permits. These local departments examine whether the filed application for the design requirements of local zoning plan, as well as local and general building codes. The building plan in the Netherlands – Netherlands must comply with the technical and environmental requirements for safety, strength and health. In the end, the Committee on Architecture (Welstandscommissie) decides whether the design of existing buildings and the local landscape from an aesthetic point of view.

By the authority issuing the license in the Netherlands – the Netherlands are the Mayor and members of city government. Validity depends on the type of building permit. If the building plan complies with the rules and regulations, then the mayor and members of the municipal government in the Netherlands – Holland must issue a permit for six or twelve weeks (in Depending on the type of building permit) from the date of receipt. They may extend the period once for a maximum of six weeks. The expiry date is the deadline.

If they do not make a decision within this period, permission is granted by law. If the building plan does not comply with the rules and regulations, but it is necessary to benefit from a zoning plan, the mayor and members of the city administration are still subject to the deadline only in this case it is – a rough period. Authorities often exceeded the time limit. Applicants must pay a fee for the department permission to build, to ensure that their application reviewed. The amount of payment depends on the total estimated construction costs. If the application is rejected, the fee will be refunded only partially or not at all to grow up. Each application must be accompanied by a large set of prescribed plans construction drawings and calculations.

Annual Calculation

To reach these companies to start to provide a business plan. Even if you have is starting a few million, still without a business plan is necessary. As it so happened that to calculate the business plans we have is not very good, is evident from the uncertainty of our risks, because when business plan risks fits not only the movement of currencies, but in our situation, even a change of leadership. Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. How to write a business plan – writing a business plan for a standard procedure, derived technical justification financial, etc. At each study pay careful attention to the technical inspection of the product need to understand what is really the product will work with a certain margin of safety. Financial justification, here the most interesting place, for example calculate financial ratios for our future project, we take on vskidku return on investment (Return on investment), in any manual on accounting can refresh the concept of asset considered by the ordinary formula: roi = Annual value of profit / average annual amount of Asset Simple calculation will not be difficult, the more the result of this factor, so our project becomes more profitable, and hence chance to implement our project grows.

The result of calculation of return on assets ratio indicates how much one ruble (we assume in our nation's currency) invested in our project, brings rubles of profit. This is a factor of competitiveness of our company, the competition will be, without it going anywhere. The increase in this ratio – one of the most important tasks of our project, it is our cache.

Playing As A Model Of The Electoral Process

Abstracts of Interest: Playing as a model of the electoral process, man is not what is not so serious as to the game. Seething passion, mobilized forces sought honest and not very honest means. Watching the latest (2003) election, I could not escape the feeling that the whole country joined in an exciting game with huge stakes in their research work, I tried to find out the effect on the voters' choice of campaigning. The legal framework of the electoral process in Russia took shape by 2002. The electoral legislation of modern Russia is obviously imperfect and vulnerable to criticism. But it is also clear that it is built on the greatest democratic principle – 'What is not forbidden – is allowed! " Analysis contained in the material allows a whole, make the following conclusion: The media play an essential role in election campaigning, because influence formation of public opinion and.

often the only source (at least basic) information on the elections. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. The actual practice of electioneering is a creative process, and at the same time, to some extent standardized. Studying the real campaign materials, I identified several common techniques and invented their own names: accepting 'promise with no time limits' receiving' well-defined problem – clear decision 'Reception' Impact on emotions ', method' each electorate – his own! ". In this case, we can note an increasing level of demand for 'American' experience in PR-technologies. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Russian customers using American technology, do not take their conceptual framework. Americans are constantly inspire voters 'Your country needs a voice', 'Governor Douglas Wilder won the election by a margin of less than 3 votes' 'Bad government in a democracy – a government that selected good people, not participating in elections. " In our country, the organizers of the campaign, I think, inspire voters to completely another idea 'He must be chosen. " Democratic form of election has not yet received the democratic content!

Technical Devices

Examination of industrial safety of hazardous industrial facilities and other industries regulated by the Federal Law on "industrial safety at hazardous industrial facilities." Examination of industrial safety is subjected documentation, technical devices and the doctrine of the industrial enterprise security and verification of competence of personnel working on special equipment. One of the most important types of industrial safety – checking the status of technical devices. This examination is carried out only in accordance with statutory rules, regulations and requirements. Also examination of industrial safety of technical devices applied in the following cases: – if the end of the estimated useful life of equipment, or in excess of the calculated loads – in the case lack of technical passport device, and in the absence of data on the lifetime of a technical device in the documentation at the time of its immediate operation for over 20 years – in the case of design changes equipment during the repair work – in case of violation of the regulations of the equipment – at the request of rtn. Examination of industrial safety of technical devices involves the following steps: – Preliminary stage – the direct examination of the object – to work with technical documentation – technical testing devices – an analysis of the results of activities (testing, inspection and documentation) – Preparation pre-trial detention – reporting, expert opinion. Expert examination of industrial safety of technical devices will minimize the occurrence of emergency situations, work-related equipment..

Why Kailas

I long dream to visit Tibet. Namely, the famous Mount Kailas. -Why Kailas? Than this mountain is attractive to you? And he began an interesting and exciting story is about this famous place. My partner looked a lot academic programs and films about Tibet, read many books and he sometimes traveled to Tibet in his fantasies. Judging by the amount of information it collected that information for several years. My next question was, in my opinion, very logical: “You probably would like to visit this place.

How much does a trip there? And here I could not believe what he had heard: “I never learned the value of vouchers or a trip to Tibet. I believe it is very expensive pleasure, may 5000 dollars, may 10 000. -So you want to say that you spent hours watching tv, watching shows and movies about Tibet, have read a lot of different books on this subject, I have watched a million photos of Kailash, had weeks or even months in the library, studying this interesting topic for you, but you nirazu not asked about the cost of the tour in this famous place? Yes, this is so – without a shadow of doubt answered my companion. – I think it’s too expensive for me, so I do not even this issue. To hear the answer brought me back to reality. During our mini training ended and the threads were all exhausted at this we parted.

A few days later my partner called me and joyful voice shared with me his research: It turns out permit to Tibet is not so dear, is not hiding the joy shared my interlocutor. – The price varies from $ 1500 up to 3000, depending on the duration and degree of scientific expeditions. You see, I can go there! It’s available for me! Pleasant jitteriness embraced me, then my efforts were not wasted. Stone still got a shoe and podtalknul to action. Over the next hour, we discussed the options and details of the project. My partner has even made savings plan and described the details of this trip. I am sure that in October this year, he definitely will go to Tibet and visit Kailash! Think and you about their dreams and goals. Maybe you shared only a small step that can be done right now.

Plaintiff Case

Therefore, proper notice the respondent – a very important task, including – for plaintiff. The second important factor for successful outcome of the case is to represent the plaintiff in the case file sufficient evidence of a change of residence by the defendant, the appearance of his right to use living premises elsewhere. Methods of proof of these circumstances can be very different services, including detective agencies. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. Bring great benefit and evidence, it is desirable to people living in neighboring apartments / rooms. I do not set myself the task to disassemble the entire process for this type of claim, each case individually, and the patterns of thinking can not be here.

Importantly – to understand the general principles of the circumstances that required must be proven and possible evidence. In this example, we considered alternative in which a citizen originally came to the enjoyment of residential premises, but then, for whatever reason, he lost his (Not preserved). Let us now consider another option. Citizen "prescribed" in the disputed apartment is fictitious, ie, he was not going to live in it, "registration" he needed for other purposes. Accordingly, the citizen does not dwell in an apartment does not live in it, his neighbors have not seen any After some time the need arises, for example, privatize the apartment, but how to do it in the light of its registered "dead souls"? In this case we are dealing with another category of claims – a claim for recognition has not arisen (not acquired) right to use the living room.

Metal Businesses

The reliability of the metal front door – a multifaceted concept that combines many of the structural and organizational decisions. This includes the construction of doors, safety loops, constructive implementation of locks, condition partitions, qualification of installers and so on. We define in this series of tasks most 'expensive', namely: the design of locking devices. This is the most difficult question, because the price of a good locking mechanism rather significant and the device is not easy. Challenge the reliability of a locking device can be divided into the following subtasks: security is the lock and burglary lock cylinder on the other – 'larvae'. European and local companies such as Mul-T-Lock and Guardian, devote a lot of time improving the reliability of both castles, and a device of iron doors. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown.

But their achievement wasted because of trivial things: the human factor. What Events will take if the landlord will lose the key? In this case, the meaning of design input, as a mechanism to prevent unauthorized entry into the room, instantly evaporates. So how do should be here to make a homeowner? The recommendation is clear – as soon as possible to change the bot to change the illegitimate keys to the castle. Do not forget, your purchase may seem quite expensive, the price could easily exceed five thousand rubles. However, the solution of the problem is widely known: the larva, designed by Mul-T-Lock, cylinder, called 'Traffic Light'.

Acquired cylinder is equipped with three batches of keys of different colors. The first set of keys labeled with green, it should be consumed when the cylinder was installed in the door. If one then the green key is lost, you need to start using the group keys yellow.

Risks When Trading In Forex

Risk of exchange rate exchange rate risk is a consequence of permanent changes in the markets of the world supply and demand for currency in circulation. An open position is subject to price changes during the time of its existence. The most popular measures of keeping possible losses within reasonable limits are the limiting position (position limit), and limiting losses (loss limit). When the position limitation set maximum volume particular currency, which allows the trader to trade in a given time. Limiting losses – a measure aimed at minimizing losses trader carried out by setting the level of stop-loss at the opening position. Risk interest rate risk is the interest rate associated with losses due to fluctuations in the spreads as well as the presence of windows in interest rates due to different timing of transactions in different countries. Mismatch volumes – is the difference between volumes of spot and forward. To minimize the risk discount rate set limits on the total size of mismatches.

The overall approach is to divide the discrepancy, based on the duration of contracts, to those that relate to contracts with terms of more or less than six months. All discrepancies entered into the computer system to calculate positions on the date of termination of contracts, losses and profits. For predicting any changes that may affect the window situation in discount rates should be constantly monitored. Credit Risk Credit risk is associated with risk of non-contractual obligations to pay foreign exchange exposure due to voluntary or involuntary action second hand. If there is such fear trade is in the form of forced transactions, as all traders agree with Clearing House (clearinghouse). Known forms of credit risk: Risk compensation (Replacement risk), which occurs when a client unsuccessfully working banks are at risk do not receive compensation from the bank at imbalances in personal accounts. Geographical risk, which arises from the different time zones on different continents. For this reason, the currency may be sold to the central banks of different countries different prices in different time of day.

At the beginning of the global trading day are sold Australian and New Zealand dollars, then the Japanese yen, European currencies and the last one – the U.S. dollar. Therefore, for example, can occur prematurely benefit payments party which intends to soon declare bankruptcy or be declared insolvent soon. Credit risk for currencies traded on organized markets, providing credit minimizes clients. Commercial and investment banks, trading companies and bank customers should carefully monitor the financial solvency of their partners. Along with a market value of currency portfolios participants of transactions, in To reduce the risk, should also evaluate their cost. The latter can be accomplished by conducting a probabilistic forecast for the duration of the open positions. Country Risk Country Risk associated with the regular intervention government in the face of the Treasury and credit institutions to the work of trading. Such intervention in foreign exchange transactions is still widespread. Traders should be aware of this and be able to take into account possible administrative restrictions of this kind.

Culture Change

Sensitized by the preaching and the impact of the release of oil price quote, to decide the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in 1973, we have been studying the issue since then and we were turning in communications since mid-1977. In this communication does not aspire to more than an update of the theme, in light of new information or knowledge that we are coming across sites that encourage: Culture Change (and Global Warming Crisis Council (Both sites issued its contents in English, from the United States and echoed views that usually does not have much impact on global mass media. If this limitation is the fact that Argentina is not a majority that read in English as well as the reluctance in some quarters of what we call “humanity” is content to that language, in our opinion we believe that these contents can update us on an issue that does nothing more and nothing less than the continuity of life on planet earth. With more dramatic: it makes the continuity of our lives, or generations that follow us: our children, our nephews / as, our grandchildren. There are many warnings issued since 1972 that, until our present. We list some does not mean that mitigating contribution of others..

Dmitry Medvedev

Dear fellow citizens to understand the meaning of this article, you must at least carefully and slowly read it through. I like it, at first reading a few years ago seemed too fantastic, a good fairy tale (Sleep is a dream). A leading source for info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Then there were no crisis, oil cost $ 150 per barrel, with the cis countries were friends (if you can call it friendship), etc While the fruit of corruption, candid lizoblyudstvo, lined up the "vertical", the election either completely abolished or turned into a farce, from freedom of speech were "only the horns and legs and whatnot. I think that list is not required, and all so everyone understands. The crisis is now so bared all this bacchanal, which can be just appalled! Did We both wanted to live! What is the output of the current situation? Thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy for anything just so their power (feeder) will not give up until the shedding of blood. And so they are my people sticks hitting just for the fact that people want to say that we must uphold the constitution, that we must return to an honest election. In fragmented opposition, too, there are no chances. They will be separate, to forbid, to beat, sling mud with through the media – the "tools" Enough! Protests, clearly, will continue to grow.

Here's a way and wait for the 1917 We ili1993 year. Tell me, is what we want? This paper is written in plain, accessible language. So that we can understand everything from the smallest and old, people with any entity, any social situation. It concentrated solution of all our current problems of non-standard, but it is absolutely peaceful and accommodating manner. "Between the Lines" can be read on Elimination of corruption, the modernization, freedom of speech, religion, police, army, courts, prosecutors, poverty, drug abuse, the order in the country. No redistribution of property.

And all this in a fairly short time. People finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Well, what else does it! Can confidently say that if the article appears in the media, it will support the majority of the population nor only of Russia but the entire post-Soviet space. And in place of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, in the light of common sense, avoiding confrontation in the society, the conservation authority (a step below, but in the whole CIS), and respect themselves to support this appeal, Ivanovo, vp Ignore this Article – stupid because the situation could spiral out of control and accept the irreversible consequences, and the author of the article to "keep" outside politics, too silly because for so many years there was no sign of any Internet or in the media so deep, Forward-looking, filled with love for people programs. Everything is in our hands!