Army Terrorist

Also it was suggested that the Israeli forces of security had failed in its attempts of cracking of the codes used for the Hamas to send instructions for the terrorist attacks through the Internet (to choramingar, 1999, P. 128). The terrorists also can use – estenografia a method to hide given private of other data, such as to inside incase a private message of a photo of the archive (Denning and Baugh, 1997). The terrorists can criptografar cellular transmissions, also steal numbers of cellular telephone and program – los in an only telephone, or to use cellular phone cards daily pay-bought anonymously to keep its safe communications. The last technologies of the communication are, thus, to allow that terrorist to operate from any country of the world, since that they have access to the necessary infrastructure, and this affects the ways for which the groups are based on different forms of sponsorship. Some terrorist analysts have argued that the net can have a lesser necessity of state support, in the truth, governmental protection can become less necessary if technologies as the criptografia to allow a terrorist group to operate with a bigger degree of secrecy and security (Soo Hoo, Goodman, and Greenberg, 1997, P. 142).

Others point with respect to the possibility of that groups each time more to try to raise money in web, as in the case of the Pakistan of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (' ' Army of the Puros' '). It has limits for the amount of dependence that terrorist nets will go to place in information. For the next future, for it saw electrnica coordination will not be capable to supplant interchanges total face-the-face, uncertainty and risk, because it will continue to characterize more organizacionais choices and the interactions between the individuals. Moreover, informal linkings and the values mentioned above, that are critical viabilizadores of net they only can be promoted through personal contact.

The Florentine Citizens

For the Florentine one, this negative character of the Christianity if must its proper essence, in the measure where the men become citizens of two worlds, terrestrial and the celestial one, and in the measure where the purpose of the existence human being is the search of according to the costs of the disdain for the first one. Therefore, the Christianity if shows in disagreement with the purpose that if can wait of it, that is, ' ' dither and the defense of ptria' ': When to our it demands you religion that you have ortaleza, wants more than that you are apt to support, what to make, a strong thing. This way of living it seems that it became the weak world, converting it into canine tooth of evil men, which can manejar it with full security, seeing that the totality of the men, to go to the paradise thinks more about supporting its oppressions of what in avenging itself of them. When limiting the purpose of the religion something mundane and secular, Maquiavel affirms that all religion, including the Christian, must be judged in relation to an end that is not specifically religious, but politician, that is, the devotion to the common good, whose raised form more is the love to the native land: If the world was effeminate and disarmed the sky, this proceeds, without a doubt, of the vileness of the men, who had interpreted our cio religion according to and not according to virt. Because they were considered that it allows to the dither and the defense of the native land, they would see that it wants that let us love we it and let us honor and let us make use in them to be such that can defend it.

As it is perceived, the religion possesss basic paper in the ideas politics of Maquiavel, however, exactly if not opposing theological questions of the Christianity, the Florentine one criticizes the aptitudes politics of the Christianity. This religion, great influenciadora of the thought politician of the time of Maquiavel, presents incompatible with the purpose of the dither and the defense of the native land, and, consequently, with the so present common good in the thought of the Florentine one. Therefore, in the measure where the men live in view of the paradise and the posterior life, its concern with the problems of this world is in secondary plan. However, for our thinker the religion possesss an indispensable paper in the politics, therefore it assures courage and obedience to the soldiers and order to the citizens.

English Time

The PCNs praises a LE lesson as a place that it propitiates: (…) access the diverse speeches that circulate globally, to construct other alternative speeches that can collaborate in the fight politics against the hegemony, for the diversity, the multiplicity of the experience human being, and at the same time, to collaborate in the inclusion of great part of the Brazilians that they are excluded from the types of (…) (necessary knowledge) for the life contemporary, being enters the knowledge (in foreign language) (UNDERBRUSH LOPES, 2003, p.43 apud PARAN, 2008). In this perspective, when the pupil has the chance of being inserted in this globalizada society endorsed by the knowledge of one second language, it contributes in the fight against the social inaquality. 2. The EDUCATION OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN BRAZIL the education of the English language in Brazil was initiated, formal, in 22 of June of 1809, for the decree signed for D. Joo VI, that it ordered to create a school of English language and another one of French language.

The education of English language had the objective to characterize the professionals for the market of work of the time with the development of the country happened of the relations with other countries, especially England, whose influence was great under Brazil (PUC-RIO, 2009). In 1837, with the foundation of the College Peter II, the modern languages had had, for the first time, certain ascension, even so the preference still were for the classic languages and the Frenchman with considerable advantage on the English, since that considered age as universal language, reaching the status of frank language at this time (CHAGAS, 1967 apud PAIVA, 2003; PARAN, 2008). With the creation of the Ministry of the Education in 1930 and subsequentemente the Reformation Francisco De Campos in 1931, had the establishment of an official method for the education of foreign language, the direct method.


Consequentemente, one better customer service/citizen. The creation of canals of diffusion of information, dynamic, of easy access and horizontalizados, catching the reality of the citizen in its social space and supplying it of information necessary to become it active, consists in an instrument that will promote the legitimacy of the services of AIMS AT (Fields; Werneck; TONON, 2001). Therefore, the access to the information is important to stimulate the popular participation and in the formation of conscientious citizens. who must promote this ' ' access to informao' ' it is the State in all its levels. Valley to cite the study of Arnstein (1969), that it described participation stairs citizen divided in three levels and 8 steps. Each step above increases the degree of popular participation. Level of not the participation: 1 – manipulation; 2 – therapy. Level of minimum concession of being able: 3 – information; 4 – consultation; 5 – pacification.

Level of being able citizen: 6 – partnership; 7 – delegation of being able; 8 – control citizen. The PAPER OF the UNIVERSITY IN the CONTRUO OF the SANITARY COSCINCIA Is consensus that the research is important tool for the taking of decisions in the definition of politics and the planning in health, contributing for the improvement of the actions of promotion, protection, recovery of the health and the reduction of the social inaqualities (PDVISA, 2007). It is observed that the professionals of the sanitary monitoring need knowledge deepened related legislaes the products, services, environments and equipment. Beyond knowledge in right bathroom and public health. What it becomes necessary the development of qualification plans, formation and qualification of the professional in sanitary monitoring for the development of a critical, impartial and independent performance, what is basic for the improvement of the work process. Another point is that to promote health the professional must change its vision of the aspect dressing for the preventive aspect of the illnesses.

Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues

It perfectly seems reasonable to not only defend such principles and values, as well as to add another type of essential concerns, so that the third millenium is a period not only of freedom, but also of equality and justice, that lead to a society where the human beings possess equality of rights, they live collective in a solidarity atmosphere, far from the differences so wrinkled that they separate rich and poor, powerful and oppressed and the gradual elimination, of the hunger, of the unemployment of the breaking of the Human Rights and others males that they torment this said society of success. It has been defended that an important paper will fit, exactly essential, to philosophy contemporary, (emptied that it goes being: not only for the advances of science, of the technique and the technology; as, lamentably, for some of its detractors) in the direction to defend and to infuse in the humanity a new concept of the person human being while subject of rights and duties: Integral citizen of an only universe. Any that is the structures that base a legal body of rights and duties, it will not have you doubt that, directa or, indirectamente explicit or implicitly, they will integrate the principles and values that consecrate the Human Rights, being certain that in a democracy of the type Occidental person, in the true Democratic Rules of law, she is impensvel any absence and/or strong reference to the Human Rights. Bibliography: INTERNATIONAL AMNISTIA? Portuguese section, (s.d). Universal declaration of the Human Rights, Lisbon BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2002). Wild Pine Blacksmith: Paladino of the Human Rights in the Space Luso-Brazilian, Dissertao de Mestrado, Braga, University of the Minho. (Not published) BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2006). ‘ ‘ A Code of Humanos’ Rights will be Necessary; ‘ , Campinas SP: Metrocamp Integrated Facultieses Metropolitans of Campinas? Brazil, in (Articles); 16/05/2006, BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2007).

Sylvester Pine

The pragmatismo, when used for the well-common one, can be an attitude to salutar, a principle to observe, why not new a practical politics? A pragmatismo that does not leave nobody of is of the system, that uses inclusive strategies the social organization has implicit a set of norms and rules that they support, also they, the activity politics of the man who, of remaining portion, since always comes exerting, whichever regimes, because the system politician defines and leads which and as if they must process the diverse ones politics of the society and the organization where it must seat its functioning. Nor of another form if it could develop the exercise of the responsible citizenship, which estimates a magnifying of the participativa intervention, in the picture of a modern civil society, efficient humanist and in what it respects to the level and quality of life of its fellow citizens. ation. Bibliography BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2002). ‘ ‘ Wild Pine Blacksmith: Paladino of the Human Rights in the Luso-Brasileiro’ Space; ‘.

California Economy

The case of California is the well-known more, by the importance that represents within the USA. Schwarzenegger, has been forced to apply to forts and unpopular cuts in the public cost, affecting to essential scopes of the call Been of Well-being, as they are them the expenses in education and in social services. The depth of the budgetary pocket causes that the cuts realised until the moment are insufficient and they must think about new reductions of expenses. Thus and everything, the government of California anticipates a public deficit among US$ 12,400 million and US$ 14,400 million in 2010. In order to graficar the seriousness of the financial problems in other states, the government of Arizona thinks about renting the building of the Congress to collect money, whereas in the state of Michigan already the diminution of expenses in schools and hospitals announced. The risk that exists around the necessity of a fort fits public prosecutor on the part of a great part of the S-states that the same adjustment finishes in this way bringing about a vicious circle within the economy and, that imposes a brake to the perspective of recovery of the economy of the USA. What must make the governors? The conflict of ideas is important. What appears like a seen better measurement is than the governments of the states in problems decide to trim their expenses to fit their balance public prosecutors.

The problem is that this decision can deepen the situation of economic recession with new negative effects on the collection. The alternative one happens to pospone all adjustment until the economy acquires force and it does not undergo too much with cuts in the expenses. For Susan Urahn, director of the Pew Center affirmed: the decisions that adopt those states while they try to leave in front of the recession will have a fundamental paper in what so fast all the nation will recover.

Banking Commission

The text does not make no mention to the return of a divided banking system, solution that had been recommended for many observers, between which Paul Volcker, economic assessor of Obama and old president of the Fed (the BC of U.S.A.). the study neither shows any trace of the original plan to produce a drastic consolidation in the number of regulatory agencies that act on the banking system. In place of six agencies for the sector, now five will exist. As Obama declared anteontem, ' ' we want to make the things in the correct way. We want to act with care. we do not want to face mills of vento' '. The result is a carefully articulated series of commitments between a diversified constellation of regulatory agencies, barons of the Congress and sectorial groups of lobby. To determine that ratio of this careful agreement will survive to the debates for its approval in the Congress continues to be an opened question in.

It is insurance that most of the financial community and the lobby that represents the sector is satisfied with the proposal. Perhaps the element most vulnerable in the reform proposal is the idea to confer to the Fed to be able new on considered institutions as great excessively to break. If to consider that the Fed is seen as responsible by feeding the asset bubble that gave beginning to the process, many legislators, between which allies of the president, consider that this is the equivalent to reward fracasso.' ' To be able economic others concentrated in a place alone are something that at risk places our system of government. The founding parents of U.S.A. if opposed the concentrations of being able economic, or another order, and favored a system of balance and controls recprocos' ' , he affirmed the Mark Warner democrat, member of the Banking Commission of the Senado.Os republican are still more strident in its opposition to a magnifying being able of them of the Fed.

Latest Generation

they pass to have the respect of the world, as maximum Authority of a Church, or better of a Country that does not have Weapons. Who of Fora and Respeitabilidade to these fragile Men seno God All Powerful Father. Why I am emphasizing, inside of the Ireja Catholic the Apostlica Succession? Because this does not exist in the day the day, in the things of the world, for example. The ministry of uneducated, tried to implant, already in this school year, in the schools of all Brazil, famous Kit and only not it fz because the resistance that found inside of the Congress was so Great, for the Religious ones in general, that the minister preferred to keep a time, but said that it goes to implant it, but before goes to talk, with these sectors, to convecer of the necessity of the execution of this aberration. Why the Minister, covardemente, wants to implant this idea in the schools already in the first pertaining to school series, and perhaps even in the day-care centers? Because it starts to be a brainwashing from primeirissima infncia and there, everything will be Normal for the Latest Generation. Already it is Normal, for that it comes happening, imagines inside of this system that wants to implant. The Truth of DICTATORSHIP GAY is that the World will pass Reger. I must declare that I am not against the homosexual, but radically against the practical one of the Homossexualismo therefore it wounds all the Human and Religious Principles. Each one MAKES of its life what to want, but TO IMPOSE DITATORIALMENTE, is that it is a FADED SHAME, CRETINA, SRDIDA, CRUEL that vo to only understand when to give to accounts the Mr.! Or better, to understand they already understand and know of Estrago that goes to cause; with this she does not go to have necessity of as many explanations and yes, very probably, ARCAR WITH the CONSEQUENCIAS GO, therefore NEVER they will be able to argue that THEY DID NOT KNOW of the EVIL that were making a time that everything this and much more, (abortion, homossexualismo, research of embryonic cells, censorship, Christian persecution, etc) is part of a great plain very elaborated &#039 well; ' SUJO' ' politician. GOD IF FEELS SORRY OF OUR POOR PERSONS SOULS – THEY LOVE –

Guin Government

This mobilization made for government of Portugal at the time created certain dissatisfaction on the part of party PAIGC, what later after independence these ethnic groups that had supported the colonial government they finish being moved away benefits to them it guineense national government. The colonial administration intended that all enlisted natives at least had the knowledge in the Portuguese language and to assume commitment with the Portuguese government. This was one practical one that the colonial government not only created in the Guin, but in great majority of its colonies in Africa. As ALMEIDA (1979). Decree n. 3168, of 31-5-1917, that it promulgates the organic letter of the Guin. According to art.307., the aboriginals, to be considered Portuguese, had to fill the following requirements: To have data tests of devotion to the interests of the Portuguese Nation; to know to read and to write or, at least, to say the Portuguese language; to possess the necessary ways for its subsistence, or to be capable to get them; to have good behavior, certified for the administrative authority of the area where they inhabit. (ALMEIDA, 123, p, 1979).

The 1964 enter the years of 1960, the conflict gained more ratio especially when the PAIGC promoted its first congress in Cassac 4 in the south of the country. In this internal assembly of the party they had been argued and analyzed proposals, such as: the strategy that will be used during the conflict of fight for independence; revision of the statute of the party; to reorganize the party; attainment of warlike resources, technician and materials; to strengthen military members in the regions with bigger intensity of the conflict; popular military services; creation of the revolutionary Armed Forces of the people (FARP); instructions of the military, guerrillas and peasants; situation of archipelago of Handle-Green; Supreme advice of War, etc. (HERNANDEZ, 2008). With this situation the anticolonialist fight in then the Portuguese Guin grew thus, the PAIGC started to exert the leadership for national independence in all the regions of the country.