Financial Crisis

In this context, exactly the countries little displayed to ' ' sub-prime' ' they had been contaminated by the crisis. The impacts in Brazil the real extension of the crisis not yet is known and, it arrives in port although it of hundreds of billions of dollar to the financial system, countries as United States, Germany, France, Japan, England and Italy already are in contraction and many other countries will be able to face it next. In the next months, as the rockings of the financial institutions will be published, will be possible to evaluate more necessarily the dimension ruin of it that, for signal, already it arrived at other sectors of the economy – in the 2008 end, the company automobile had been to the American congress to ask for financial aid not to break. The occurrence of certain facts, as much in Brazil how much in the world, it seems to confirm and in certain way to extend for other countries, the three described consequences of the crisis for Rogoff for the American economy: – Bonanza Fluctuations of the prices of commodities. Example: at the beginning of 2008 the oil was in US$ 80, in May went up stops US$ 150 and in December was quoted below of US$ 40; – Destruction of value of the assets in stock markets – superior falls 30% on the peak of the quotations and losses in financial assets and the value of the supplies, among others. In some countries the loss of value of the property already is significant; – Fall of the credit availability and its price increasing, although the unknown volumes of placed resources the disposal of the financial markets does not have liquidity in the system; – Brusque Fall of the level of sales in certain sectors. The automobile sector is most emblematic in the current crisis; – Increasing Idleness of the installed capacity; – Anti-symmetrical and generalized Increase of the unemployment tax. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Congressman Lee Zeldin.

Profit Payment

To exemplificar the concepts let us imagine the following situation. For even more analysis, hear from Sen. Sherrod Brown. We will use proper article 150 of the Federal, described Constitution previously. A Church, for example, is immune of any income tax, as determined for the Federal Constitution in Article 150. However, the law determines, of clear form, through article 150, 4, that the immunity is only reached on the income, to the patrimony and the essential services for its activities. Being thus, with regard to the tenths and offers, that are the source of main profit of a Church, they will not be taxed for Social Contribution and Income tax. As well as also it will not suffer taxation from IPTU, incident on the property. Differently, the values referring to the previdencirias contributions will be taxed.

These if justify because they are not incident on the Profit yes on the payment leaf. In the same way it will occur on the IOF, the PIS and the COFINS on payment leaf, the taxes of public illumination or garbage, amongst others. It is observed then that the described contributions and taxes are above not regulated by Federal Constitution and yes for complementary Law. This scene, any occured change legally can cause the exemption of definitive taxes, as the CPMF, for example, or the taxation of these. Obligations of the Third Sector the third Sector in nothing if differentiates in what it says respect to the obligations contained in the internal revenue code. In short, we can say that the immunity concept encloses the payment of taxes, and the exemption, in turn, if applies to the taxes enclosed for Law. However, immunity and exemption do not apply to the fulfilment of the assessrias obligations and registers in specific agencies for control ends. Also it is interesting to emphasize that, in the case of the immunity, it encloses only to the taxes on income and patrimony, as displayed in previous paragraphs.

Technology and Communications

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, has two centuries more than, the modern technology has radically increased or improved the production, the transports and communications in the whole world. During the period, the population world-wide human being grew more than of a billion for seven billion, and appeared a net of world-wide interconnection between the individuals. In the search for natural resources (foods, fuels and other raw materials) and for markets for the industrialized products, the corporations work, negotiate, collaborate and compete between itself, transform the culture and the environment through its structural power. Thus, this dynamics of action cause, at the same time, benefit for one determined group and a gamma of damages of diverse types for a great population mass. Word-key: globalization, structural power, to be able brando, companies multinationals.

Abstract industrial Since revolution first days, to over two centuries ago, modern technology radically changed industrial production, transportation and communications all to over the world. During this teams, world population increased from one billion you seven billion people, and person it to you person world network appeared. In to order of find natural resources and new markets will be to their products, corporations work hard, battle with to other corporations will be the market share, and change the culture and physical environment to after using to their structural to power. This action dynamics is responsible will be giving huge profits and benefits you the social a small group and big losses, of many kinds, you an immense population mass. Keywords: globalization, hard Power, soft Power, worldwide companies. Presentation a characteristic of the capitalism is the incessant search for new consuming markets. They are overcome, for example, the United States and the developed European nations: when if they deplete the natural resources, the possibilities of the raw material transformation are limited in finished product, or when it offers of industrialized products grows the point not to find purchasers, these nations (represented by its companies state or private) they start to long for the magnifying of the commerce through the conquest of new spaces in the globe.

Mines Energy

The Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve criticized the RN Members support Galilee and DC Paul Patrick Walker (who was nominated to the Upper House of the Aysen Region) gave to the article which states that "works to expand the backbone transmission system determined by the decree will have the essential character and will be of national interest. If it is required by other laws, it is understood that the obligation to execute such works have the quality of electrical service concessionaires, under the second constitutional draft law creating the Department of Energy. This was the only article rejected on 28 October, in a divided vote that much of the Alliance for Chile, with the votes of 12 Concertacion, mostly DC, supported it. The result was 48 votes in favor, 46 against (including Rep. Rene Alinco) and 4 abstentions, which did not allow its approval to add 50 votes these last two options.

"This Article is the focus of conflict because we know that if passed will be the green light for power companies, now mostly in the hands of transnationals, devastate the natural and cultural heritage of all Chileans, and especially our region, affecting thousands of people who would see how economic power, allied with the state, imposed without the possibility of counterbalancing "the coordinator said about the organization, Peter Hartmann, who noted that Walker's support and Galilee means that in practice" provide for our residents are helpless in the face of transnational power. " The leader called on the citizens and the thousands of ayseninos that are critical of the dams that are planned to impose on the Patagonia "to know who is for, indeed, support our people in the background and who are thinking about extra-regional interests" . After the rejection, the article went on to discussion at a Joint Commission composed of representatives Rene Aedo (RN who voted in favor), Marcos Espinosa (PRSD who voted against), Renan Fuentealba (who voted against PDC), Alejandro Garcia-Huidobro (UDI who voted in favor) and Antonio Leal (PDC who voted against) , to which must be added the senators appointed by the Senate. MINISTRY OF ENERGY The Act creating the Department of Energy states that this new institution will assume functions now located in the ministries of Mines and Economics, for example to establish parity prices contained in the stabilization funds oil prices and the powers the Ministry of Finance had allocated in gas and electricity, among other subjects. It also establishes that the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuel, the Chilean Commission of Nuclear Energy and the National Energy Commission will depend on the new Ministry of Energy, as well as the future Chilean Energy Efficiency Agency.

The Brazilian Language

Then they can be classified in deaf total blindness, deep deafness with visual, moderate residue or has taken with blindness, moderate with visual residue and light losses, auditory how much in such a way visual. types can be congenital blindness and acquired deafness, blindness and acquired deafness, congenital deafness and acquired blindness, low vision with deafness congenital or acquired and blindness and congenital deafness. The Brazilian Language of Signals possess elements of a formed grammar of the words or lexical item, set of words that the people of one determined language have to its disposal to express themselves, verbally or in writing that if structure from morphological, syntactic and semantic mechanisms. Also if it articulates through iconic signals, that are the gestures of easy understanding and through the arbitrary signals, these more than need a little knowledge the Language of Sinai.As sub-lexical structures also are part of the Language of Signals and is composed in five parameters: Configuration of the hands (CM), joint points (Par), that they are the places to where the configured predominant hand if approaches or happens; Movement (MV), the hands of the beeper represent object, while the space is area where if it carries through the movement; Face and/or corporal expression, component extremely important for any transmission in Lgua de Sinais; Not manual expressions.

The Language of Signals also possess a system of structure and formation of words as in the verbal languages, characterizing how much to the sort, time, degree and negation. The lexical or grammatical morphemes nor always form words equivalents to the Portuguese and are from its minimum units of signification that we will have the morphemes in Pounds. The prompt verbal aspect is distinguished for if bringing to an action or event occurred and finished in some clear-cut point, while the continuation verbal aspect of a continuity and if of the one another word. In Pounds the verbal times do not exist, the words come all in the infinitive, therefore the use of the corporal expression at this moment is very important, the signals also determine intensity and quantification. The method of incorporation of argument is very frequent had to the space characteristics and the words formed for derivation they are formed through the signals and not of the writing, the first words are constituted from its radicals which if bind to the affix or grammatical morphemes. The basic differences in Pound are: Words? signals that use the configuration of the deriving hands of the alphabet or numbers; Simple words? for they, do not have necessity of configuration of the hand to be deriving of the alphabet or of the numbers, but, they will have also to be made with its predominant hand and not to have Point of Joint arm and hand; Composed words? they are two more signal or combinations forming the word; Words of two different configurations? words carried through with two different movements; Words of equal movements; Sensible distinct signal and words; Delicatessens words in the graffiti and with the same signal; Phrases with only one signal.


The used way is the Direct Treasure, system of purchase of public headings for physical people pelainternet ( .DelanoFranco, director of the Global Mellon Investments Brazil, has 30% of proper suacarteira of investments in NTNs-B (Notes of the Nacionalda Treasure series B). They are headings that have a tax of interests predetermined in momentoda purchase and are corrected by the IPCA, official pointer of inflation. – I prefer to buy headings directly because, differently of umfundo, I want to choose a stated period of expiration for the headings, quehoje is for 2012 and 2015 – it explains. It still has half diverse dasaplicaes in deep multimarkets of the Mellon, the greater partecom macroeconomic strategies, that try to anticipate dosjuros trends and of the exchange. Few also are the ones that consider oimvel proper an investment.

It is the case of Patrician White, dGlobal partner Equity, who computes 20% of the patrimony in the property. But to something all they agree: they defend the investment in deep of the proper manager as form to conciliate interesses.ENTENDA Deep DI Soformados for public papers with post-fixed income, and tend to aacompanhar the oscillations of the economy and variations of jurosbsica tax (Selic), reducing the risk of losses. Fixed income Invests in private predetermined headings of the government or (of financial institutions or companies). Diverse Multimercados Operamem markets – action, derivatives, exchange, fixed income and DI, depending on the strategy. Considered riskier. Soformados action for actions negotiated in the Stock exchange of So Paulo. Ogestor can choose the companies with bigger possibilities of valuation. ' Long and short' Compramalguns active and vendem others, that the manager finds that they go to sedesvalorizar, making appositive of a company against the other, or mesmode a sector against another one, in the case of the action market. It knows more on finances and investments,

Banking Commission

The text does not make no mention to the return of a divided banking system, solution that had been recommended for many observers, between which Paul Volcker, economic assessor of Obama and old president of the Fed (the BC of U.S.A.). the study neither shows any trace of the original plan to produce a drastic consolidation in the number of regulatory agencies that act on the banking system. In place of six agencies for the sector, now five will exist. As Obama declared anteontem, ' ' we want to make the things in the correct way. We want to act with care. we do not want to face mills of vento' '. The result is a carefully articulated series of commitments between a diversified constellation of regulatory agencies, barons of the Congress and sectorial groups of lobby. To determine that ratio of this careful agreement will survive to the debates for its approval in the Congress continues to be an opened question in.

It is insurance that most of the financial community and the lobby that represents the sector is satisfied with the proposal. Perhaps the element most vulnerable in the reform proposal is the idea to confer to the Fed to be able new on considered institutions as great excessively to break. If to consider that the Fed is seen as responsible by feeding the asset bubble that gave beginning to the process, many legislators, between which allies of the president, consider that this is the equivalent to reward fracasso.' ' To be able economic others concentrated in a place alone are something that at risk places our system of government. The founding parents of U.S.A. if opposed the concentrations of being able economic, or another order, and favored a system of balance and controls recprocos' ' , he affirmed the Mark Warner democrat, member of the Banking Commission of the Senado.Os republican are still more strident in its opposition to a magnifying being able of them of the Fed.