The Actions

They had understood the message? To continue acting the wrong ones of the life, they never did not want that, in function of the 1439 machine, the Brazilian nation was knowing of initiated subjects when the lost ones to the way of India had this way arrived in port and continue to the wide in the current days with total force. What such to think about this guarded threat, to control the press? Or in other words to gag the press, not to investigate and to denounce what it is practised in the government level? To gag the press or to try such type of action is a tremendously authoritarian act. It must the author of practical coercitive and corruptoras, to the politician who understands to be a man who intervenes with the Brazilian governana. It brazenly nails the regulation of the media and for table of the press and a total engessamento of the State, having as base politics the elect Congresso.Que with the support of mounts of money deducted from governmental programs, its integrant ones is submissos to the interests of the articuladores politicians. The demoralization of the classroom politics is not guilt of the economic power and so little of the media (the press is read), it is collective guilt of the classroom politics as a whole. Exceptions exist and such exceptions are beneficial for Brazil, but unhappyly they are minorities.

Therefore it is in course an attempt of white blow of State. At the first moment where the press will be regulated and the Congress if ‘ ‘ fortificar’ ‘ the Democracy that always was our orienting north, will be finished. We go to understand as a strong Congress, those actions where the majority? Chamber and Senate define which the routes that Brazil will have to follow. But a strong Congress as to the architect of the mensalo wants and desires is a Congress where the liberty of speech are hindered, where the actions of the private initiative will only be approved, with the benepltico of the politicians in the power. The ones that govern and withhold the maiorias of the public offices of relevance in the federal administration. Unhappyly as we were speaking, this country was says discovered, for perhaps.

DHA Tanning

The most effective sunless or self-tan products containing the active ingredient DHA dihydroxyacetone. DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with dead cells in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. As the sugar interacts with dead skin cells, skin color changes. This changes last for 3-7 days, and then you must reapply. Gels, lotions or sprays containing DHA are said to be the most reliable.

There are some very good products on the market, as well as tan accelerators that contain the amino acid tyrosine. Tyrosine stimulates and increases the formation of melanin, thereby accelerating the tanning process. There are currently no scientific evidence to support these assertions. Tanning pills contain canthaxanthin, a color additive used in some foods. Canthaxanthin is approved by the FDA for food use, but is not approved the use of it in the tanning agents.

This is because when used as a color additive very small quantities are needed, but when used as a tanning agent much larger amounts are needed. After canthaxanthin is eaten, which is deposited all over your body, including your skin, making an orange-brown. These types of tanning pills have been associated with side effects such as hepatitis and canthaxanthin retinopathy. Canthaxanthin retinopathy is a condition in which yellow deposits form in the retina of the eye. Bronzers are also very popular. Bronzers come in the form of powders or moisturizers. Create an instant tan that can be removed with soap and water. Tanning is really a makeup line, dye, since only the surface of the skin.

Moscow City Considered

Overnight: St. Petersburg – a city of ambition, the fruit of a purely masculine civilization. Same thing is happening in Moscow. Men's civilization is always phallic, it's always a competition who are longer and thicker, etc. etc. Landrin: Do you mean that we are building is not democratic, and fallokraticheskoe society? Fast: Absolutely, especially in Moscow.

What's good, I do not speak good in these horrific monsters of iron, glass and concrete, titled "Moscow City>> whose construction I call the" March of the towers>>? Nothing! But most think the contrary, it is remarkable that this is a sign of a civilized and democratic society True, the part about democracy, it is not clear! They do not realize that St. Petersburg – it is the will of a tyrant, his masterpiece! Peter also a kind of creator, but he never considered the principles of humanity. Rulers of Russia have never been considered a man and did only what was considered necessary and allegedly useful. In this sense, Russia is probably the most brutal country in the world. Landrin: But let us return to the old Moscow. I am a long time and regularly watched the metamorphosis of your creativity, in particular, in the picture of old Moscow, and if in the first scene was something anxiety, some unexpressed pain, now prevails in the pictures, as I call it, a metaphysical mind. Quick: What manuscripts do not burn, and the city is not dying, it is still preserved somewhere, in some other worlds, in some global library, as an achievement of humanity.