Jorge Martin State

Jorge Miguel Martin alvarez is the new hope for a next star in state politics and the State of Quintana Roo. Its recent election of Councillor for Playa del Carmen brings fresh blood in the Administration, with new policies smart in the middle of its objectives. Jorge Miguel Martin alvarez objectives of advance people have turned it into a star in rise and an Ombudsman for the state.One of the most innovative movements Jorge Miguel Martin has been the creation of new jobs. Jorge has helped raise many of poverty, generate employment and opportunities. He has put a solid foot in the progress of the people. Jorge Miguel Martin alvarez is looking for new perspectives to the minds of the State, to resolve the larger issues in the minds of many people in the State. Jorge Miguel Martin alvarez has accumulated great opportunity in entrepreneurship and in advance of the State’s industry.

Businessmen and companies from around the world to Quintana Roo has brought. The perspective and one of their major goals of Jorge Miguel Martin alvarez is the creation of Quintana Roo as an economic power in Mexico. Until now, in his role as Alderman, Jorge has led to experts and business developers from Russia, Italy, Spain, United States, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, European Union, and many other regions, together to build the State of Quintana Roo in the future… Jorge Miguel Martin alvarez so far have accumulated much until now. tireless efforts of George to build the foundations of Quintana Roo and advance the people of the State in the end border, when asked where you can find all the time to devote to his work, Jorge said: my time is the time of Quintana Roo; I am obligated to spend it all in my work. Optimism and brightness of Jorge Miguel Martin’s career is one of the brightest we have today to bring to our State to the Summit and the progress of our audience is more not a complaint that had Jorge Miguel Martin Alvarez, is that there are no more bring positivity to this State.

Symphonic Orchestra

finally, we have the Fifth Period, in century XX the Band, in its evolution, started to count on executants of all instruments of percussion and interest blow. Therefore, we can say that the Band of Music and its evolution, in full century XXI still comes if developing in all the directions in the Brazilian territory. As example, I cite the Municipal Band of Recife, that since the decade of 1980 already was nominated of Symphonic Band and placed in the programs of concert for the teacher Ademir Arajo and recently it only is that it came to be recognized as Symphonic Band for the City council of Recife. Thus, as as much others that still are in this process. The term Symphonic Band if of the one in the direction of its denomination to find in its instrumental cash, electronic instruments of ropes or instruments, we can go more beyond, when we find other instruments deriving of the Symphonic Orchestra.

When this happens the denomination of the Band could be of Symphonic Band, as much in the military organizations as civil. Until century XIX, this very remote age, but, from century XX, this picture moved very and, with inclusion of other instruments. Valley to leave an alert one how much to the classification of the Band, so that it does not have a discomfort and an interpretation of any form or way. According to Brum (1987, P. 12), in its proposal of classification for the sort band of music in Brazil, it detaches the following species: ' ' Small Band or Military man, Average Band and Sinfnica&#039 Band; '. Such classification, according to this author, has for ' ' purpose to favor the study of the instrumental distribution and its cash, of the orquestrao and, to help to who with it works, in the organization of repertoire, archive, cash of integrantes' ' , beyond facilitating ' ' publication of musical workmanships for these conjuntos' '.


Don’t you worry, this is not cruelty, this is simply an overwhelming encouragement of confidence towards the human race. We do not underestimate in any shapes and benevolent brothers are those who wish that we resolve the ballot ourselves alone. And you know why? because they consider that the cake and the cake we must eat what integers. Imagine that someone you encouraged from the latent and eternal smile and not tells you how will end this story that is love. Thats good love. And besides, we love surprises. Let’s move on. This reptilian race is a great inventor of almost everything that we live in our free and democratic society.

They were the inventors of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, policy, banking, financial system, all repressive systems of the State, i.e. the police, prison, armies, the armed forces, Governments, education, religion and all current social systems. They invented this planetary hierarchy in order to control the human being to his own liking. Copied positive patterns of benevolent races and his family made them. In the case of the benevolent races would be these sections: telepathy combined with the intuition of the sacred heart, the consciousness already in a conscious state not there is LA MEDICINA(no es necesaria), light Councils organized by vibrational sacred geometries, inexhaustible and sources aware of creating active and conscious abundance and fullness for all, freedom and confidence absolute and linked from the deep knowledge of the soul and being, creation and union of collective and individual talent tips, activation of listener deep toward the be that expands without need to educate him, art by all means and all inexhaustible sources of joy shared, and active harmonic and artistic expression of the being that each represents and is. All reinvested this turns into something small and uncomfortable, something locked in something that cannot be expanded without prior knowledge of the being that one is.


View this phenomenology in general we see God present in the history of salvation-now you can reflect personally and left him, is already more specifically: Christ present in the Eucharist- and here I do a summary, trying to explain the evolution of the concept of Christ’s presence in the celebration, and in the Church. We have many documents that speak to us from the Council and shortly before the Council, and we are talking of that presence, but I will give one line to understand what is this presence in papal documents, and we started with the Constitution of liturgy, we find that expression in the number 7: to make a great work, Christ is always present in his Church, especially in the liturgical action. Let’s see how evolves in papal documents this concept of Christ’s presence. The first document is a little old, is that of Trento (Council of Trent 1545-1563), and Trent said that Christ is truly present under the sacrament species, and that it is present in the Minister. Trent does not speak of Assembly, do not speak of Word, only of the Eucharist, and in the Minister.

But nearest to us is the Encyclical: Mediator dei et hominum in 1947 and Pope Pio XII. In this documento0 which is the Magna Carta of the liturgical movement, tells us that Jesus Christ is present in the sacrifice of the Altar. Speaks of the sacrifice of the mass. There has been an evolution in the doctrine of the Church. Altar, mass., also in the person of the Minister and in the Eucharistic species. But covers them both, Minister and species, inside of the sacrifice of the Altar. Instead then speaks, that is present in the sacraments and is present in the Assembly and entreaties.