Don’t you worry, this is not cruelty, this is simply an overwhelming encouragement of confidence towards the human race. We do not underestimate in any shapes and benevolent brothers are those who wish that we resolve the ballot ourselves alone. And you know why? because they consider that the cake and the cake we must eat what integers. Imagine that someone you encouraged from the latent and eternal smile and not tells you how will end this story that is love. Thats good love. And besides, we love surprises. Let’s move on. This reptilian race is a great inventor of almost everything that we live in our free and democratic society.

They were the inventors of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, policy, banking, financial system, all repressive systems of the State, i.e. the police, prison, armies, the armed forces, Governments, education, religion and all current social systems. They invented this planetary hierarchy in order to control the human being to his own liking. Copied positive patterns of benevolent races and his family made them. In the case of the benevolent races would be these sections: telepathy combined with the intuition of the sacred heart, the consciousness already in a conscious state not there is LA MEDICINA(no es necesaria), light Councils organized by vibrational sacred geometries, inexhaustible and sources aware of creating active and conscious abundance and fullness for all, freedom and confidence absolute and linked from the deep knowledge of the soul and being, creation and union of collective and individual talent tips, activation of listener deep toward the be that expands without need to educate him, art by all means and all inexhaustible sources of joy shared, and active harmonic and artistic expression of the being that each represents and is. All reinvested this turns into something small and uncomfortable, something locked in something that cannot be expanded without prior knowledge of the being that one is.