Constitutionalistic Revolution

When it was notified, in So Paulo, in the year of 1954, by occasion of the commemorations of plus one year of the Constitutionalistic Revolution of 32, that one of the So Paulo flags, in the solemnity of the Pteo of the College would be displayed by Chiquinha Owner, one anci, much people thought that one was about some farmer of coffee, of one of these ' ' capits' ' of the economic progress of So Paulo. Soon, however, it came the clarification. ' ' Chiquinha owner collaborates, yes, for this progress, not as farmer, but with its work and its filhos' '. She had nothing less than 120 years. Other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown offer similar insights. She is born there for 1834 return, son of enslaved mother and enslaved also she was. First with its arm of captive, later, with its arm of free citizen, much worked until the years if they had accumulated and the hair if embranqueceram. It said, in aluso to its white hair: ' ' I deny it when it paints already passed of the one hundred and trinta' '.

had reason Already he was vov Chiquinha and very already it had contributed as thousand of other slaves free workers, for the progress of So Paulo and of Brazil. Learn more at: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. During every year of its life he learned to love the land where he was born and where he lived. She was a witness of the pioneering tradition of the So Paulo people, of its fights and of its yearnings witness who had taken part of the events has a century more than. In 1842, with only 8 years, it saw to march liberal battalions of the Tobias de Aguiar; in 1866, it saw to break the troops route to Paraguay in the Battle of the Tuiuti; it witnessed the heroic days of the referring to abolitionism campaign and cried and it praid for the black refugee of the Jabaquara; it attended dawn of the Republic; already with 98 years, it saw to enter in So Paulo the ones that had crossed Itarar to establish a new order in Brazil; with almost a life century, it was irmanou with the constitutionalists of 32.

Argentina Republic

Lessons from the crisis that changed the world 2 September 2009 yesterday started in the Central Bank of the Argentina Republic monetary and banking sessions called the emerging countries the crisis: lessons and challenges. Today and the participation of prestigious scholars and doers of policy included Robert Merton, Olivier Blanchard and Felipe Larrain, to name just a few, has generated great interest reflected in the participation of representatives of several countries on different continents. Both was the interest that generated these days even though it arrived half an hour before the start, I had to witness the first part of the panels in an alternative room (in addition to the exhibition hall, other two rooms were filled), to see it through a screen, although it was not an obstacle for the opportunity to listen to such prestigious exhibitors. Certainly is one task more difficult to be able to synthesize the abundance of discussion in a single article, and why in this I just want to share some of the effects that the crisis has had and will have on the stage where policy makers, with the commitment to addressing the remaining contested topics in future articles must act. Without a doubt, as mentioned by the Governor of the Central Bank of Chile, Jose De Gregorio, the crisis has changed the vision of central bankers. Until the crisis, central banks were mainly concentrated on the control of monetary stability in a manner separate with the stability of the financial system. The crisis has demonstrated that both objectives must be coordinated and achieved together since it is not possible to reach a strong stability in the price level if there are elements that can be turned into a focus of crisis in the financial system. We must remember that the current crisis in the U.S. financial system has begun and has quickly spread to the rest of the financial systems of developed countries.

Attorney Counsel

Let's take a little analysis of the functioning of the existing judicial system. Typically, a preliminary investigation for serious allegations articles leading investigator, the public prosecutor at the trial as a prosecutor and the prosecutor oversees compliance with the law during the pre-trial and trial investigation. Forensics also obeys Prosecutor's Office. Is this combination of functions in one body, one of the potential sources of "protection of esprit de corps, and ultimately leads to corruption? It should be noted that a heavy object prosecution and the defense counsel invited the prosecutor, as the law requires when considering the serious charges bound by the presence of counsel. Naturally, the prosecutor invites convenient for counsel. Invited Attorney defender is' tame 'and' watching the prosecutor in his mouth "The judge is also not interested because of some of the accused to spoil relations with the prosecutor and, therefore, usually makes the sentence conform to the requirements prosecutor. Historical experience shows that rely on the availability of judges only the finest human qualities do not have One reason that contributes to making wrong decisions is the lack of court jurors. What kind of adversarial parties can say, if the case on charges of serious crimes does not address the jury? The adversarial principle, unfortunately, did not become a reality in the court proceedings and therefore the court takes the position until an independent arbitrator in the dispute equal parties. The introduction of trial by jury, as the most democratic form of justice, civilization and generated ensuring the independence and autonomy of the court, determined the need to increase real participation in judicial work, bringing in her everyday common sense and people's experience mercy and justice.