Tapajs III

In the case it goes to be divided with the cities of the region, brightening up the suffering of the people, in some aspects as: health, education and a distribution more joust of the resources. For these and other reasons I agree and believe the State of the Tapajs. He arrives of suffering! Freedom already! THE CREATION OF THE STATE OF THE TAPAJS. 2 FLVIA BARROS The State of Par is the third Been greater of Brazil.

It possesss 143 cities. Its population mass is intent in the surrounding capital, Belm, and its cities. Par is a territory with great areas of natural resources. We are in favor of the division of the state, therefore amongst the 143 cities, a minority is that it has the support of the state so that can be developed. What we can observe is that the cities next to the capital, Belm, are that has great concentration of wealth and this support. The region of the Tapajs suffers to each new government that assumes the command, this can be observed in the areas of the health, education, housing, culture, sport and leisure, is each time more devaluated. To demand our rights or any benefits, we have of dislocating in them until Belm, therefore rare these governing if give to the work to come until our region. The region of the Tapajs was very explored, but, nothing was left in exchange, therefore we go in giving the possibility to them to grow and to have a worthier life we go to say yes to the Tapajs.

Brazil Transparency

Article of Bulletin of notice of State legislature of Paran informs that the member of the house of representatives Nelson Justus, since 2007, when assumed, for the second time, the command of State legislature of the Paran, implanted measured moralizadoras that places the Paran between the legislative ones that they present the lesser expenses and the lesser number of benefits offered to them Brazilian parliamentarians. A study divulged in the year passed for the Brazil Transparency, not-governmental organization created to fight the corruption in the country, sample that the mandate of the mining members of the house of representatives was most expensive of the country in 2008. The implantation of the Vestibule of the Transparency, in September of the passed year, with the objective to divulge information, saw Internet, on the budget of the House and the rendering of accounts of the mount of money of compensation of the members of the house of representatives has assisted the population to participate, being the first State legislature of Brazil to place in practical the opened vote, giving to end to the nepotism, reducing the recess parliamentarian of the 90 for 55 days, fortifying legislative committees, extending the number of audiences and adopting the electronic panel that it registers the presence of the members of the house of representatives and the performance of each one of them in the plenrias sessions. In the Paran, the members of the house of representatives had also lost the right to use official vehicles and had left to receive for the extraordinary sessions, what he happens in many 10 assemblies of the country. The periodical Leaf of So Paulo published in the day 1 of March a research that it proves to be the Assembly of the Paran as one of the Legislative ones that less they spend in the country. The value places the paranaense Assembly in 4 in ranking of the assemblies most economic.

Estra Plann Knowledge

Foundation of Isaac Asimov: the revolutionary science of the personage Hari Seldon inside of the perspective of the Strategical Planning. Laydes M.M. Martins Specialization in Public Administration. College Great $fortaleza – POSEADwww.posead.com.br Belm? Par?. In period where the origin of man and was obliterated in an entire galaxy is fully occupied, the psycho-historian Hari Seldon proposes you make predictions with distinguishes mathematical variables, announcing the end of the Galactic Empire and the entry of humanity into period of barbarism that will last 30 million years.

You reduce the effects of this crisis scientist proposes the creation of foundation, which will to gather and store all the knowledge acquired by mankind. Summary. In a period where the origin of the human being was obliterated and where all the galaxy is duly busy, the psico-historian Hari Seldon if it considers to make forecasts with extreme mathematical 0 variable, announcing the end of the galactic empire and the entrance of the humanity in a period of barbarity that will last 30,000 a thousand years. To brighten up the effect of this crisis the scientist considers the creation of the Foundation, that will have to congregate and all store the knowledge acquired for the strategical humanidade.1.IntroduoPlanejamento is the way for which if it leaves a point until a point B, being this last o desired, longed for and had point as the future ideal seno, most appropriate possible. This concept can in such a way be applied to any field of the knowledge and inside of how much inserted the enterprise scope in a particular and personal context. The search for the knowledge of the future? since the 0 variable time and action of the too much actors are uncertain? it happens of a remote past, since that the man started to have conscience of that if to project in the future would be the way by which its survival could be guaranteed.


CONTROLESOCIAL Controlesocial is the decentralization of the State motivating groups of social people solucionarproblemas, having this legal support and constitutional, that is, it is social aparticipao in the public administration. ParCorreia (2003, p.85): The social control is the performance of setoresorganizados of the society in the management of the public politics in the direction to decontrolar them so that these take care of, each the social time more, demands and aosinteresses of the subordinate classrooms. Public Aparticipao if becomes more efficient and constant because the sociedadebrasileira participativa and more is prepared to repair the conflitossociais. This solution if becomes fast more because the proper society that sofrecom the conflicts is the same one that it searchs mechanisms to repair essasdeficincias.

Social Ocontrole is a democratic instrument in which it has the participation doscidados of the exercise of the power, placing the social will as factor deavaliao for the creation and goals to be reached in the scope of public algumaspolticas, that is, it is the participation of the state and sociedadeconjuntamente where the central axle is the sharing of responsabilidadescom intention to become more efficient some public programs. Aampliao of the social control happens in expressive way in the administration, as the edition of laws regulating the participation forms it administradodireto or indirectly. Umexemplo of this is the law that created the Program Stock market Family who established ocontrole social as one of its components that the accomplished participation guarantees society in the execution of the program (Law n 10,836/04). Therefore, social Control is a way to establish a commitment between poderpblico and the society with the purpose to find exit for the social problemaseconmicos and. 3.4.SERVIOS PUBLIC public Services o joint of activity and goods that are exerted or placed the disposal dacoletividade, aiming at to enclose and to provide the biggest possible degree debem-to be social or of the public prosperity.

Luto Of Cuba

In international politics the emission of signals is so significant how much the speeches of Heads of State and Government, its physical localization in certain meetings multinationals, the order where the flags or the positions of each country are displayed ahead of determined crises. With the decreement of I fight official of three days in Cuba because of the death of the leader north-native of Korea Kim Jong-Il, therefore, it could not be different. Such attitude means the complete admiration for the regimen north-native of Korea in all its aspects: the almost total absence of private property, only party, the exclusively governmental press, intolerncia to any opposition, and, until the moment, the maintenance of the position biggest inside of an only family circle, in that if they constitute as the two countries with the only socialist dynasties of the world (since its mysterious illness, Fidel Castro was substituted by its brother Raul, to the step that Kim Jong-Il is being succeeded for the son Kim Jong-Un, in one transistion repleta of uncertainties). Thus, the Cuban government of understanding that, independently of (few) the economic reforms that come implementing, it does not intend to abandon its coletivista economic regimen, therefore those are something similar to the Perestroika de Mikhail Gorbachev, that is, they have the intention to improve the system without if exempting of it – the only difference is that, if these isolated reforms to leave control, Cuba do not go to disintegrate, since the nationalism of its people is very strong and the hand-of-iron of the government to keep the country territorially joined is not necessary. In the same way, the decreement of it I fight sample that Cuba does not go to confide politically. Although the Cuban are not obliged to participate of collective demonstrations of settle and sadness for any reasons the example of what we finish to attend in the Coreia of the north, with many thousands, or millions of people perhaps crying copiosamente the death of ' ' Wanted Lder' ' in sentimental expositions that, although sincere in certain cases, undeniably they are exaggerated, still more in front of the cameras of the state television – the spine of the system Cuban politician is the same one of the north-native of Korea (as described in as the paragraph). In this way, it does not have any distenso politics desired for the Cuban leadership, despite in a minimum level.

&#039 does not have one; ' Small Glasnost' '. In a last and conjunctural analysis I fight, it of Cuba is an order so that, ahead of the uncertainties that follow the succession, Kim Jong-Un keeps the system north-native of Korea as she is. After all, if the Coreia of the north if opened economically and politically, little justification still would have the brothers Castrates in keeping, in the Caribbean island, the reins of the power as it comes keeping, therefore in a globalizado world would only remain to them as allies in completely similar systems the Laos and Cambodia (China already confided economically has decades, while the Vietnam also already gave, has some years, good will samples stops with the economy of market). Fidel and Raul I castrate would have, in this way, possibilities not to fall of what until the moment they had had. obviously they do not desire this. Lencio de Aguiar Vasconcellos Son

Frank Itamar

Former-president Frank Itamar was invited peloento President Nacional of the PPS, Robert Freire if filiar in legendah more than the one year, to be the vice one in the plate of Acio in 2010. Conformemostra the picture current politician, the possibilities would be remote to count comessa posssibilidade, however, still it has a question in air, on would qualseria the paper of former-president Frank Itamar in the electoral process de2010. Itamar was moved away from the BDMG in which de2008 was its president in the year, and as we know, in the following day, it attacked governor Acio Nevesdizendo who the Shock of Management was a fallacy. Always controversial Itamar, made this affirmation hours before if to find with Acio in the Palace dasMangabeiras, to deal with interest subjects of the state and with muitatranquilidade affirmed that, never ‘ had said such; ‘ coisa’ ‘ that does not erabem ‘ ‘ aquilo’ ‘ that the journalists had understood. Feared for one loved poroutros, unquestionably temperamental and controversial, the certainty he is that nose can believe that a man who was President of the eGovernador Republic of Minas Gerais will be inert in the electoral process of 2010, exactly because as we saw its profile politician is not of most pacific. Therefore, either in the election for Presidency of the Republic, either nogoverno of Mines it will have the finger of Itamar Franco..

Cities Gauchos

Of this form of to the Cities the one it forms calmer and simplified to select the ISS on these operations, being brought more financial benefits, increasing the collection and placing the disposal of the Cities given until then difficult obtaining way fiscal administrative procedures, in view of the form as if they present invoices and the payments on credit cards and debit. The Constitution of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul, with the modification of Art 142, transforms many difficulties into benefits, bringing more tranquillity for who defends the collection increase, being able with this to apply the public money better, improving roads, bridges, schools and mainly applying in public health. As it was before: Art. 142 – Any exculpatory or limiting legal disposals of the right to fiscalize tied people or entities are inapplicable, directly or indirectly, to the generating fact of the state tributes. Only paragraph – the State will be able to firm accords with the Cities, being charged these to give information and to coligir given, in special related with the transit of merchandises or the products, with sight to protect the effective ingression of state tributes in which they have participation. As it was after the alteration: Art. 142 – Any exculpatory or limiting legal disposals of the right to fiscalize tied people or entities are inapplicable, directly or indirectly, to the generating fact of the state tributes.

1. the State will be able to firm accords with the cities, being charged these to give information and to coligir given, in special the related ones with the transit of merchandises or products, with sight to protect the effective ingression of state tributes in which they have participation, as well as the State will have to inform the data of the operations with credit cards and others to the municipalities, for ends of fiscalization and collect of the Service occupation tax of Any Nature, as made use in the Internal revenue code. (Writing given for the Constitutional Emendation n. 60, of 18/08/11) 2. the supply of the available information for cities will occur of continued form, for half electronic, contend roll of all the operations with credit cards, of debit and others, occured in its respective territories, for administrator of cards, in the form of the accord. (Enclosed for the Constitutional Emendation n. 60, of 18/08/11) They pass the Cities to have necessity to improve its knowledge and of its functional picture, mainly the inspectors to carry through the procedures necessary to the exploitation of what it stipulates the new writing given for the alteration in Art 142 of the State constitution, come to apply in what to fit new the practical one. But so that this functions fully, the Mayors will have to firm accord with the State in the direction to apply correctly what the law determines.