Freemasonry: Questions & Answers

Freemasonry is in the form of local lodges – usually small groups of up to 40-50 people, united geographically, there are lodges larger in size. Local lodges established the Grand Lodge, which provides them with parent. As a rule, one country there is only one “Grand Lodge”. In the U.S., however, the “Grand Lodge” is available in every state. At the head of the Grand Lodge of the Grand Master is chosen from among the brothers (the Masons). Freemasonry called the Order, if they say of him as an organized community of people, or brotherhood, or emphasizing meaning brotherly relations between the members of the lodges (Masons).

wikipediChto is Freemasonry? Responses can be few. The classic answer that you will find in any book of the brotherhood, written by Masons, will be, quite literally, something like this: ‘Freemasonry – a moral and ethical teachings, given in allegory and illustrated by’. For example, the triangle symbolizes the integrity and honesty. Just as a building constructed without the rectangle, can collapse and bury themselves and of the builder and his family, and a person living dishonestly, brings misery themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, the Mason must cultivate these qualities and strive to be honest in his dealings. These and other ethical principles olitsetvryaemye building tools, and must comprehend Freemasons, educate yourself in the appropriate quality.

From a philosophical point of view, Freemasonry – one of the branches of esoteric, as much attention to the inner spiritual work of the mason. Allegorically, each mason builds the inner temple, improving their moral and ethical qualities. In his views on many world Masons inherited from the great teachers of antiquity, such as Pythagoras, Hermes Trismegistus, Confucius, Zoroaster, etc. Since organizational point of view, it is – a brotherhood of Freemasonry. Today, Masonic Lodges are in virtually every country, including Russia. About how much of the world’s Masons will not tell anybody, but safe to say that there are several million. In each country, the work of the lodges run by national organizations, called the Grand Lodge or Grand Orient in their work and do not obey anyone. In the Masonic constitutions explicitly stating that Mason should be a law-abiding citizen of his country. So talk about some ‘behind the scenes of the Masonic world’ – is nothing as empty malicious nonsense, introducing people astray. From a historical point of view, the Masonic fraternity – the successor of fraternal organizations, mutual aid, emerging in the medieval halls of builders, as well as these very halls. From here the construction and symbolism used in Masonry, hence prishodit and charitable activities of the Masonic lodges. In Russia, due to the fact that Masonry has not yet been properly developed, this activity is invisible, but in other countries, the stock fund schools, univesitety, hospital, medical research centers, create blagotovoritelnye funds, thus playing an important role in public life of their countries. Suffice it to say that the U.S.

Western Turkey

In the end all and demarches threatening gestures that sometimes slip in the Russia-Turkey, Russia, Iran, and Iran and Turkey, are designed to gain time and the introduction of Western misconception. Like it or not – will not take a sin and now affirmatively or negatively respond to this question. But in the summer, as you know, in late June, the Turks made concessions to the implicit pressure from Moscow and Tehran and began consultations on the inclusion of Iran in the framework of the so-called 'Caucasian platforms' security and stability in the region. And it is this fact led to a sharp intensification of the Caucasian and Asian antero policy. In whose head appeared to offer option, instead of the tandem Russia-France re-enrichment and storage of Iranian uranium would be engaged … Turkey? Of the Turks? Perhaps, but unlikely.

Who else but not the Iranians – they long ago told that in matters of nuclear energy trust only in Russia. A little bit – and China. Turkey 'list' was not included, as we see. But there was another fact – the signing in Tehran Iran-Turkey energy Memorandum, which immediately led to a negative response from the U.S.. And there are reports that in Istanbul on November 9, when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived to attend the economic summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), then such negotiations between the Turks and Iranians were held. The Turkish newspaper "Milliyet" asserted that initiative to transfer uranium for enrichment in a third country, in particular in Turkey, with which Iran enjoys good relations, IAEA head Mohammed proposed El Baradei, and on November 6.

Lesson Crisis

How and why a huge scam provernuli If from the lips of high government officials you hear the word 'crisis', rest assured that now begin to rob on a grand scale. The objective economic difficulties, we commonly used in order to pull this pretext, huge chunks of property. So it was in the early 1990s, when the 'unproductive' and 'ineffective' enterprises were privatized for pennies, so it was in 1998 when, under the pretext of crisis forced the population to pay for the retrofitting of these companies and buy their products. So it was in late 2008 when, under the guise of sharing money Stabilization Fund. To understand what waiting for us all, we must carefully scrutinize lessons from the crisis of 1998, which became a classic example of robbing the huge masses of people. What is called in the official language is called 'economic crisis' is usually a huge robbery. Exactly Such was the crisis of 1998. This crisis, judging by the numerous public statements of participants in those events could have been avoided – despite the presence of certain objective economic difficulties.

But then would not have been achieved the goal of this 'project' – turning out of our pockets part of officials and businessmen, perfect for retrofitting of the private economy. Dagestan has become a part of this stunning all-Russian 'project'. On very preliminary estimates by the crisis, the population of Dagestan, and so suffered from a deep prolonged crisis, were confiscated tens of billions of dollars.

Multilevel Marketing

Today, the Internet, there are many companies working on the principle of MLM. Mnogogurovnevy marketing from the real environment is moved to the virtual one. And why not? Today, for the presentation of a business and the Internet enough tools: website, newsletters, blogs, video tutorials, communication in a social network … and information about a particular company distributed fast enough. Once registered, the partners make their website, again advertising or product, or company, and little by little, a little advertising component is transformed into a huge avalanche, falling on the heads of people. Internet marketing is gaining more and more space.

But what’s interesting in the whole this process is that the face of marketing is changing. If the distributor was used to challenge myself to go and look for potential partners, it is now largely no longer true. People will look for a company whose earnings and this phenomenon – the result the fact that people come to the Internet for information. All this also puts a mark on the online business. Automating it happens. Now none of the successful entrepreneur can do without the active application avtoresponder – Bulk mailer letters, e-books for Viral Marketing, communication on blogs.

Without this, all he would simply choke the flow of letters, subscriptions, or would not have had an influx of new interested visitors. No Internet tools for modern business seems to be impossible. In light of this becomes even more obvious what a powerful package offers, say, a corporation or company Intway Inmarket. Already, the ability to use tools – it is a necessity for anyone wanting to reach a maximum in the business. But what most people who do not yet understand the emerging tendency? Or, if you understand, still can not decide? As would they be? They may be happy to be joined to the active MLM companies would become partners, and here, the prices bite. After the package ‘Partner’, for example, costs $ 299 and it a lot. And the man who yesterday was connected to the Internet unlikely to immediately lay out this amount for the services of the company. So what? Everything is so hopeless? None. On the contrary. Today, the Internet, there is another project whose goal is, just: to prepare the ground for entry into the well-known MLM company minimal cost. I will not describe here, in the article the essence of this project. You can get to know him, read the book ‘one-dollar millionaire – the 21 st century technology “I can only say that for many people today have a real chance to join, eventually, to the best MLM companies. 21 century – the century of business automation, who will be able to put it on autopilot, he will win the time, the struggle for the buyer and find their business niche in the Internet space. Having ears, let him too …