Freemasonry: Questions & Answers

Freemasonry is in the form of local lodges – usually small groups of up to 40-50 people, united geographically, there are lodges larger in size. Local lodges established the Grand Lodge, which provides them with parent. As a rule, one country there is only one “Grand Lodge”. In the U.S., however, the “Grand Lodge” is available in every state. At the head of the Grand Lodge of the Grand Master is chosen from among the brothers (the Masons). Freemasonry called the Order, if they say of him as an organized community of people, or brotherhood, or emphasizing meaning brotherly relations between the members of the lodges (Masons).

wikipediChto is Freemasonry? Responses can be few. The classic answer that you will find in any book of the brotherhood, written by Masons, will be, quite literally, something like this: ‘Freemasonry – a moral and ethical teachings, given in allegory and illustrated by’. For example, the triangle symbolizes the integrity and honesty. Just as a building constructed without the rectangle, can collapse and bury themselves and of the builder and his family, and a person living dishonestly, brings misery themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, the Mason must cultivate these qualities and strive to be honest in his dealings. These and other ethical principles olitsetvryaemye building tools, and must comprehend Freemasons, educate yourself in the appropriate quality.

From a philosophical point of view, Freemasonry – one of the branches of esoteric, as much attention to the inner spiritual work of the mason. Allegorically, each mason builds the inner temple, improving their moral and ethical qualities. In his views on many world Masons inherited from the great teachers of antiquity, such as Pythagoras, Hermes Trismegistus, Confucius, Zoroaster, etc. Since organizational point of view, it is – a brotherhood of Freemasonry. Today, Masonic Lodges are in virtually every country, including Russia. About how much of the world’s Masons will not tell anybody, but safe to say that there are several million. In each country, the work of the lodges run by national organizations, called the Grand Lodge or Grand Orient in their work and do not obey anyone. In the Masonic constitutions explicitly stating that Mason should be a law-abiding citizen of his country. So talk about some ‘behind the scenes of the Masonic world’ – is nothing as empty malicious nonsense, introducing people astray. From a historical point of view, the Masonic fraternity – the successor of fraternal organizations, mutual aid, emerging in the medieval halls of builders, as well as these very halls. From here the construction and symbolism used in Masonry, hence prishodit and charitable activities of the Masonic lodges. In Russia, due to the fact that Masonry has not yet been properly developed, this activity is invisible, but in other countries, the stock fund schools, univesitety, hospital, medical research centers, create blagotovoritelnye funds, thus playing an important role in public life of their countries. Suffice it to say that the U.S.