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/ 70,000 will be after 2013, leaving the bulk of the savings to the next legislature. Government and opposition have been processed emergency setting. The plan focuses on cuts to pensions, the delay in retirement age and the reduction of tax benefits. The Italian Parliament has finally adopted this Friday the plan of budgetary adjustment by 79,000 million euros for the period of 2011-2014 with which the Executive of Silvio Berlusconi seeks to achieve a balance in the accounts. The Prime Minister has re-emerged in the public scene after being away since last Friday will start falls from the Italian Stock Exchange, and the meteoric rise of the Italian differential with the German bond. These economic turbulence managed Government and opposition to put in something agree to accelerate the parliamentary handling of the plan. The intention is that the markets open on Monday already approved measures.

The Italian alta-el Senate – Chamber approved Thursday the plan, which focuses its eagerness to savings and fund-raising for the public coffers in the cuts to pensions, the delay to the retirement age and reducing tax benefits by Affairs as having dependent children. The plan, which aims to achieve a balance in the public accounts in 2014, consists of four phases of cuts: 3 billion euros for 2011, 6 billion euros by 2012, and 25,000 and 45,000 million euros for 2013 and 2014, respectively, which leaves the greatest weight savings for the next legislature. In the municipal elections of may in Milan, birthplace of the berlusconismo and his Northern League ally, won nearly 11 points Giuliano Pisapia centreleft. Candidates from Berlusconi also fell in the rest of great places like Naples, Cagliari, Trieste or Novara. The next general elections are in 2013. Silvio Berlusconi has already announced that it would not submit. Source of the news: Italy approves the plan of adjustment of 79,000 million euros for the period 2011-2014

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This sentence does not correspond to a statement made during the last days of the new product emptying of Lake Cachet 2, which forced the evacuation of dozens of villagers in the area where the waters reach the largest river in Chile. They are part of the comments that the City of Tortel made the environmental impact study HidroAysen submitted in August last year, and in which updated information was not recorded on the phenomenon, and in the opinion of many services simply lowered her profile . “The study provides background emptying catastrophic glacial lake Cachet two occurred in April 2008. Is requested to study its effects on the Baker River Basin and the recurrence of the event” stated at the time the National Service of Geology and Mines , while the Directorate General of Water requested “to consider the risk of violent emptying of lakes known as interglacials GLOFs for its acronym in English. As for example the recent depletion of Cachet 2 lake in Glacier Cologne.

“In practice, the effects would have minimized the effects of the phenomenon (which has caused serious problems to the south of Aysen as road cuts, loss of winner, isolation location), as made clear the general manager HidroAysen, Hernan Salazar, who two months before the submission of the EIA stated that the first occurrence of the phenomenon in April last year (it has been emptied and 4 times) did not alter the baseline and that “this is not a new phenomenon and was extensively studied and planned by glaciologists and engineers involved in the definition of our environmental baseline study. “Past 19:00 pm on Thursday, Claudia Torres, municipal official, sent an email alert stating that” it is residents evacuated as a precaution because it is growing much Baker. “Subsequently, the Government and agencies and Conaf Onemi supported the preventive evacuation for possible flooding could be caused by the recurrence of this phenomenon. Given the doubts left by the Municipality of Tortel study specifically asked to perform a physical modeling of flood risk would Tortel against possible rupture of the central barrier of the Baker 2 (to be deployed upstream of the creek), since An analysis by the Department of Physics, Technological University found that a collapse of thousands of cubic meters per second would come to the town in less than an hour, with catastrophic consequences.


Looming on the horizon for new elections, the peak that we provide every four years is a democraciaa. The party machines are already at full capacity and prepare to receive from the public what he thinks they are a blank check to continue making and unmaking at will. Meanwhile, citizens lack the mechanisms and efficient means of curbing the use and abuse of power assets, which the responsible exercise of public affairs. So we are stuck in a protodemocracia or as usually described: in a democracia representativaa . a sta has not been any progress in the last 200 years and is based simply on the illusion that the citizens are to be decided, however, effectively held in decision making are nothing more than organized interest groups ( lobbies) that go hand in hand with the parties. Some lobbyists who are in a continuing dispute among themselves to achieve greater levels of influence in power, and Many times we find it hidden behind the initials of certain political parties, associations, foundations, etc. Question not prevent them being from one side or the other, or support a party today and tomorrow another, because all that seek to defend their own interests.

The current situation has been made possible through a process of depoliticization of the masses of citizens. This is nothing new, but is dragged from the Franco regime and what has been pursuing is the demobilization of citizenship. In practice it has had its greatest effect among the most assertive social sectors and destabilizing are those with greatest potential for pressure.

Russian Calendar

The relations of Russia with the West have been governed, throughout the centuries, by a curious law of attraction and repulsion. Emperor Pedro I starred in one of the periods of maximum attraction for Russia by the West since he left the Kremlin for his new capital, Petersburgo, open sea to Western Europe. He traveled incognito to various European countries and his admiration for Western civilization took him, among other things, to prohibit the use of traditional long beards among the courtiers nobles. He also modified the Russian Calendar, in which the years began in September and its computation originated in which the Orthodox Church had been established as the year of creation of the world. Aware of Russian backwardness regarding the Europe of the Renaissance, worked because in Russia permeate some Western thinking and their way of life. If Pedro I represented a maximum cycle of attraction, there is no doubt that Stalin did in the repulsion.

Russia (then USSR) was closed to a world that had by hostile. He had little to say the Russian people, because the cycles of attraction and repulsion were exclusive product of the will or the vagaries of the political leaders of the time. It should be noted that many of these cycles happen almost automatically, out of sheer necessity, and that a period of repulsion and closing was another attraction, to compensate for the disadvantages perceived in the previous cycle. Some Russian analysts believe that Ukraine is a threat to Russia, not for your safety but for your propaganda instrument. The Kremlin want the failure of Ukrainian development model so that the Russian people reject it. The political development of the post-Soviet Ukraine is observed with suspicion from Moscow. The futurologists often exaggerate situations that anticipate in their speculations, but certain arguments have enough weight to be considered. If Ukraine succeeds in its approach to Europe, as he is thought in some circles of Kiev, this will be the condemnation of capitalism’s KGB established by Putin in Moscow.

Sociological Research Centred

DEP is a tool of transformation of social reality that socially innovates because it puts citizens in the Centre of the perspective ensures its Executive Chairman, Mr. Enric Renau Barcelona, June 16, 2010. The Catalan consultancy DEP is celebration and these days commemorates its anniversary with the publication of the book DEP, 15 years of social innovation, which includes major contributions he has done over the years, his research sociological, accompanied by twenty-one interviews with personalities of maximum relevance that have relied on DEP. Work sepresento yesterday within the framework of an act private facilities of the FAD of Barcelona, accompanied by various personalities of the Catalan society, comoCarme Trilla (Secretariat d housing of the Departament de Medi Ambient i Habitatge de la Generalitat de Catalunya), Olga Serra i Ferrer (President of the Fundacio Pere Robert Verges i) among others, clients and professionals in his team. The book, available on the website of the Institute (, deals with an analysis of the political and social reality through Fifteen defined areas, including relevant data from the projects carried out by the consultant over these first three decades of life.

With this compendium, the reader can easily interpret which are the main economic, political and social challenges for the future according to the main actors of Catalunya. Laboratory of Ideas in addition, during the ceremony also announced the results of a study conducted by the Institute based on interviews on-line made to experts and opinion leaders, which addressed different aspects of news in Catalan society. This is the first project undertaken by the laboratory of Ideas of DEP, which strengthens the innovative character of the Catalan consultancy. Social innovation refers to placing the citizen at the Centre of our perspective. The person we care about user of public or private services, which can be student, patient, consumer, voters, etc. The citizen or the citizen who has doubts and certainties, illusions and concerns, behaviors and unknowns, attitudes, opinions and behaviours, says Enric Renau.

Brooklyn Heights New York

The hammams of Morocco are a unique and privileged, dedicated to physical and spiritual well-being to calm and serenity. There are countless hammams of all kinds that offer an enormous range of services of beauty care, health and relaxation in Marrakech. The visit to a hammam is a must during a vacation in Marrakech to discover fully the marraquechi experience. Etymology the hammams are also called baths Moors’, in reference to the Muslim Al – Andalus Spain, or “Turkish baths”, as they are known in almost all Western countries. The word hammam means ‘hot water’ in Arabic and consists of a steam bath that finds its origin in the Roman baths.

History the hammams, and as we know them today, they emerged and developed during the Ottoman Empire, although they have their origin in the Roman baths. Of Turkey spread across the Middle until countries of the Maghreb due to the expansion of the Islam. The hammam was indeed adapted to the precepts of Islam, which advocates meticulous hygiene and frequent ablutions, especially before the ritual prayers. Turkish baths were implanted in the West for the first in Ireland in 1856, thanks to the influence of the diplomat and politician David Urquhart, who popularized it in his book The Pillars of Hercules, where he described his experiences through Spain and Morocco. Less than a decade later, Turkish baths were already crossing the ocean to settle in the United States, where the first Turkish bath in the continent, in the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights New York was opened in 1863. Description the hammams normally consist of three interconnected rooms similar to its Roman ancestors and different temperatures: the first room is usually the cool room; then goes to the Middle warm room and, finally, you can access the room warm, equivalent to the Roman caldarium, which has the function of steam absorption and is where the Exfoliating massage is carried out.

A President Dedicated To His People

Chavez dictator! By: Jose Agustin Reveron Orta obviously be expressed with adjectives of a person, is a double-edged weapon. This is the case when put you adjectives and this can be given different senses. The truth is that since former has identified by an unjust, antipatriotic opposition to our President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, with epithets and various adjectives, and one of them is, to which I’m going to take a little time to clarify in this article. Since Chavez is known, some have compared him to dictator and some have placed you quote this word, to complete the hatred you have. The truth is that I obviously mean here, I share this adjective of dictator, by considerations which reflected here, of course dictadorcito not. I should also clarify that dictator is a ruler de facto a ruler who expels evil, wickedness, which does not respect any kind of human rights and where he has the mandate, without any kind of constitutional guarantees.

Prevailing in his Government a climate total insecurity, and where the exercise of the vote is totally execrado. Now well, comrades, I must point out that obviously our President is making dictate guideline, that everyone comply. He teaches as a consequence, decrees laws that favor the collective, is to say to the people in general. She gives orders to make restoration of rights violated in communities. She gives orders for goods of the Republic in foreign hands, as happened with oil, iron and other restitution to the people that we all know. Finally this function is the issuing of orders, mandates, decrees, instructions and course in that role to dictate, dictates clear behaviors in defense of our country. I also teach order, that those in opposition would not share ever, that it is not possible that the Electoral authority bear the excessive electoral expenses of traditional political parties.

Salamanca People

Cities like Salamanca, Vitoria, Alicante or Zaragoza, among many others, have hosted protests near the buildings where the charges were elected. In Leon, the new mayor has welcomed between booing people protesting. There were arrested in Palma de Mallorca and Burgos. Madrid have lived moments of tension between riot and indignant. While in Madrid anti-riot officers dragged by the soil to be indignant protesting during and after re-election as Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, similar protest scenes are happening in other Spanish cities. Vitoria: several indignant have been reduced at the gates of the City Hall of Vitoria in a few altercations that occurred during the concentration of the followers of the movement 15 M remaining from the Saturday morning on the outskirts of the consistory of the Alava capital during the formation of the new Government team.

Palma de Mallorca: an en has served to protest against the political class, that a hundred people shouted We do not represent, the people United will never be defeated or corrupted and thieves. Three youths have been arrested by Local police for climb to the balcony of the Town Hall of Palma after the Act of Constitution of the consistory. Burgos: outraged two others have been arrested for having given a blow back to one of the agents and by taking pictures for police officers, respectively, while participating in the protests. Sevilla: dozens of people have full celebradoun citizen outside the headquarters of the City Council, hours before the official Constitution of the municipal corporation, that occurred at seven o’clock in the evening. Castellon: ctive of the Local police and national had to evict by force a group of outraged that had been lying in the door of the car park of the Town Hall of Castellon to wait the departure of the authorities, intervention which have occurred in some shoving and struggles.